How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair loss; It is a common condition seen in all men and women, including children. But it can become a problem when it gets to worrying proportions. It may develop suddenly when the person has no complaints, and may become temporary or permanent. It is possible to deal with a wide range of causes, from the effects of hormonal changes to malnutrition, from shock diets to stress, and even to the side effects caused by the drugs used. However, it can also be a sign of various diseases such as diabetes, thyroid and lupus. Determining the condition that causes hair loss is very important in order to give the most accurate treatment method.

Take care of your body health

The cause of permanent hair loss is mostly due to genetic factors and the most preferred method for its treatment is hair transplantation. Medication, mesotherapy and PRP methods are other methods that help prevent this complaint. Remember; Hair health is closely related to general body health. by taking good care of yourself; It helps strengthen your hair and prevents hair loss.

Pay attention to these items to prevent hair loss:

  • Do not choose collection models that tightly wrap the hair, such as braids, buns or ponytails.

  • Do not twist your hair, do not rub or pull it, which will cause it to wear out.

  • Be gentle when washing and combing your hair. Your comb preference should be a wide-tooth comb. This can help prevent shedding.

  • Do not use tongs or hot oil masks.

  • Examine the side effects of the drugs you use meticulously. Avoid the use of drugs that can cause hair loss.

  • Protect your hair from the harmful effects of sunlight and ultraviolet light.

  • Be careful not to consume ready-made food products.

  • Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption.

  • Create your sleep schedule.

  • Pay attention to your sleep patterns.

  • Help reduce your stress with techniques like yoga and meditation. Stress has a close relationship with hair loss.

Tests required for hair loss treatment

For the diagnosis of hair loss, a physical examination is primarily performed. Then, questions are asked about the patient’s medical and family history. Factors such as the amount and speed of hair loss, medications used, diet and allergic reactions are mentioned. If the physician deems it necessary, the following tests may be requested:

  • Blood test: Because it will help reveal medical problems that may be associated with hair loss; It includes complete blood count (CBC), iron, vitamin B, thyroid values.

  • Tensile test: With this test, the stage of the shedding complaint is determined. The hair is pulled slightly and it is observed how much hair has come. If excessive shedding is detected, the palpable hair is examined under a microscope. This is how possible defects are investigated.

  • Scalp biopsy: The purpose of this test; To determine the cause of the infection that causes hair loss. It is done by taking samples from hair follicles on the scalp.

What are the hair loss treatment methods?

The source of the problem determines the treatment method to be followed in the complaint of hair loss. Treatments that vary according to the types of shedding; It can help hair regrow or at least stop shedding. For this, you should not be late and start your treatment process by talking to a doctor who is an expert in the field immediately.


Mesotherapy is the process of injecting a specially prepared solution into the scalp. Due to the efforts to prevent problems related to nutrition and hormone imbalances, we can say that it usually consists of herbal extracts, vitamins or drugs such as finasteride.

hair transplant

It is performed by transferring hair follicles from areas suitable for transplantation behind the nape and behind the ears to bald areas and is a surgical procedure. There are many types according to application differences.

PRP hair treatment

PRP, which means platelet-enriched plasma, is based on the principle that the person’s own blood is subjected to special processes and injected into the areas where shedding is intense.

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