How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist

The oral environment is considered private for people. Field of study of dentistry, treatments
variety of instruments used during
may be necessary and due to forced treatments and tooth extractions in childhood.
Fear of dentist is a common problem in our country. Therefore, a large audience
He postpones dental treatments until he encounters unbearable pain, at first with minor procedures.
We encounter tables that lead to the loss of teeth that we can treat.
To overcome the fear of the dentist, like other fears,
confronting and dispelling false assumptions is the definitive solution.
Relaxing color and decoration products in the clinical environment, conversation with the patient’s physician
be able to explain their fears and find answers to the questions in their minds,
explain the process to the patient from the beginning, the instruments he used during the treatment and the procedures he performed.
explain in a way that the patient can understand, that the patient will interrupt the treatment as soon as he feels pain.
Confidence reduces the anxiety rate in many people. From the sounds of devices
Relaxing music listened during treatment and TV on the sofa for patients who are disturbed
Since the screen is on, it distracts the person visually and audibly and reduces fear.
provides a great deal of help.
For patients who have fear of the dentist, only examination without first session treatment.
It is a method that we usually prefer to do and chat with the patient. In this session
It will increase the heart rhythm like coffee, so that the patient should not be in a hurry while coming to his next appointment.
avoid drinks, come to the appointment rested and, if desired, during treatment
to help him feel comfortable by reminding him that he can bring his headphones and listen to his own music.
we are working.
In our patients whose anxiety cannot be relieved with these suggestions suggested by us,
We may prefer psychotherapy methods such as hypnosis.

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