How to Make a Healthy Diet? 10 Effective Tips for a Healthy Diet

You must have heard of those who say that I lost a lot of weight during the diet, but after a short time, I gained a lot back. Could this be due to unhealthy weight loss? Especially low-calorie diets, which we call shock diets, can be attractive to everyone at the beginning, as they provide rapid weight loss. However, afterward, the lost weight comes back and this process results in frustration. For this reason, I would like to point out to those who apply shock diets; If you want to lose weight permanently, you should turn to healthy diet types.

If your diet is not healthy; your hair may fall out, your nails may break, you may experience weakness, your blood pressure and blood sugar may drop frequently. If you are experiencing these complaints, it is time to review your diet.

How to create a healthy diet list?

While preparing the diet list; Many factors are evaluated, especially the age, height, weight, physical activity, nutritional habits, disease status and medications used by individuals. Aim; Since each individual’s needs are different, it is to create a completely personal nutrition plan.

What are the essentials of a healthy diet list?

While planning a healthy diet, the 3 main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, should be balanced. As much as possible, meals should not be skipped.

What is the role of snacks in healthy diet lists?

First of all, let’s talk about how many snacks should be made; The number of snacks may be 1 or more depending on the lifestyle and needs of the person. Snacks are very important as they keep you in balance in the diet. It also helps you consume as much food as you need at the next meal by regulating blood sugar.

Yes, I gave you general information about the diet. Now it’s time to explain the key points.

I share with you 10 effective methods you should know for a healthy diet.

Include Nuts in Your Diet

It’s as if I saw your eyes shine when I said nuts. However, during the diet process, we will consume the raw form of nuts, not the salty form that we love so much. We can multiply options such as raw almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews.

The reason we consume raw nuts is because they provide satiety for a long time and balance blood sugar. In addition, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are very effective in protecting heart health.

Don’t Completely Give Up on Healthy Fats in Your Diet

When you start a diet, you don’t have to give up fat completely. But most of the time, I witness that the fat in meals and even in salads is reduced to zero. Remember, too much fat is harmful, but less is very useful. It has many effects from protecting heart health to running the intestines. It manifests itself by visible symptoms such as nail breakage or discoloration in the nails in those who completely restrict fat and try to lose weight quickly.

There is no harm in using 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil for a kilogram of vegetables, 2 tablespoons for soup for four people, and 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil for your salads. Be sure, these rates are not rates that will harm your diet. On the contrary, it makes your body healthier. This is how healthy fats are absorbed in the body.

Diversify Your Diet, Stay Away From Uniform Diets!

This item is very important. You should consume little of everything and often. Your body needs everything. Just as it is not right to eat meat all the time, it is not right and sustainable to eat vegetables all the time. According to the studies; Mediterranean diet type is recommended as the healthiest and most sustainable diet type. The Mediterranean diet type is the type of diet that we also recommend, which is diverse, sustainable and healthy.

Eggs, cheese, meat, etc. in your diet list. Include proteins such as In addition, do not completely eliminate carbohydrate groups from your life. Because it’s the quantity that matters. If you don’t exaggerate the quantities then it’s not a problem. And there must be fruits. Do not be afraid of fruit sugar, as much fruit as needed will not harm anyone. If you do not consume the nutrients you need, then deficiencies will definitely begin to occur in your body.

Enrich Your Salads With Carrots, Red Sweet Peppers, and Radishes

Make sure to use these foods in your salads. Yes, you are right, these foods are usually taken into consideration during the diet process. Again, be careful, don’t consume unlimited, of course, but make room for this trio in your salads. While consuming the cucumber unlimitedly, a tiny carrot cannot and will not harm you. The reason I focus on these foods is because they are rich in antioxidants. What we call food containing antioxidants is; our most powerful weapons against cancer.

In short, in order to benefit from the rich content of each food, it must be consumed little by little. So let’s start by coloring the salads.

Avoid Packaged Foods

Packaged food means; means additives, colorants and preservatives. You can think of it like three sisters who do not leave packaged foods. If you turn to natural products such as fruits, yoghurts, milk and raw nuts in healthy diet types, then your hand will not go to packaged products. The occasional consumption of packaged products is also quite normal. Don’t worry, we all consume so many packaged products..

Prefer Water and Herbal Teas Frequently

Remember; The group we call water and herbal tea is the backbone of a healthy diet. We all know that if we are not on a diet, the drinks we consume during the day are overflowing with tea and coffee. When this is the case, it suppresses the desire to be thirsty. But it just pushes! It does not meet its water needs.

For this reason, it is necessary to increase the water and herbal tea group by reducing the tea and coffee group.

Believe me, there is no other beverage as beneficial for the body as water. Water balances our blood sugar, provides satiety, accelerates metabolism. 60% of our body is not made up of water for nothing, right?

Already in the light of researches, it has been seen that water and herbal teas provide satiety and have a positive effect on metabolism. When you consume plenty in the diet, it will protect against many diseases and will provide long-term satiety.

Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Life

Add exercise to your life, make sure to take a lot of walking. When sports and diet are combined, the effect will reach maximum levels. Walking for 1 hour a day both helps you lose weight and lowers insulin and cholesterol levels. Walking also increases fat loss. If you make exercise your lifestyle, then when your diet adventure is over, rapid weight gain will not occur.

Avoid Foods That Cause Payment

The biggest causes of edema are packaged products. So, stay away from packaged products first. Foods such as delicatessen products, smoked meat groups, pickles, canned foods, acidic beverages in the markets cause serious edema because of the high salt content, and it may be beneficial to reduce some of them, perhaps not consuming them at all. Reducing the edema load of the body will bring rapid weight loss.

Stay Away From Shock Diets!

As it can be understood from the exclamation point at the end of the sentence, it is a very important issue! As we talked about above, we will eat a variety of foods, we will consume all kinds of foods, albeit little by little. When we see shock diets, we will also start to run away. We’re really going to run.

Shock diets may seem like rapid weight loss, but then the bill becomes unpleasant. You lose weight one time, and then you look at it again and you gain weight quickly, even with a normal diet. I made my warnings, oh, be careful!

Diversify and Color Your Snacks

We kept saying that a healthy diet would be diverse, yes it is. A healthy diet is diverse and colourful. Especially snacks are the most enjoyable between meals and there is no harm in being colorful. Changing your snacks week by week will also give you pleasure and will always keep you motivated in the diet.

Between you and me, changing snacks frequently surprises both the body and the body! In addition, various vitamins and minerals enter the body.

I wish you colorful diets, colorful days..

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