How to maintain psychological resilience?


Individuals take on many responsibilities in daily life and take different roles in different relationships. Life events can sometimes be stressful and tiring, and problems can be encountered in relationships. All these force the psychology of individuals and wear them out. This is where resilience comes into play. If you are an individual with high psychological resilience, you will overcome the obstacles you encounter psychologically more easily. Just as your immune system is strong, you are less likely to get diseases, and when your psychological resilience is high, you will be protected against psychopathologies and psychological disorders.

According to research, one of the things that increases psychological resilience is to produce. Producing activates individuals and allows them to take root in life. Producing a product from the smallest to the largest, putting effort into it, spending time increases the motivation for continuity in life. Trying to use time efficiently to produce something improves programming skills and increases people’s awareness of the moment they live. Moreover, cooperation is often necessary in order to produce something. This provides social support to the individual by activating relationships with people. Sharing what is produced makes human relations positive, creates a moderate climate and nurtures the bond of love.

For example, there is a very delicious production at home these days. People make jams, tomato paste and compotes in order to transfer the fertility of summer to winter. Revealing the effort and time as a tangible product (time planning, active work), compliments of other individuals about this product (social support, bond of love) increase the motivation of people’s life, support their psychological resilience, and become a shield against psychological problems. This traditional habit protects people without them noticing.

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