How to Lose Weight in 6 Steps?

The weather is warming up. Most of us get a sweet rush, holiday programs are made, places are chosen. Clothing is being reviewed. What will be prepared is being adjusted one by one.

Of course, it’s time for bikinis and swimsuits… Let’s remember from last year until now, “Did your weight increase?” Did your swim shorts, bikini and swimsuit that you bought last year narrowed or did you expand?

Now, some of you who will read this article will say ..”Oops, that’s exactly what I’m talking about”, and some of you will say, “No, I pay attention to my body weight, what I eat and drink every season.” they will say.

For me, the sentence “enter the holiday season with weight loss” does not mean much, you will say, “I always pay attention to my weight, what I eat, drink, and quantity control”.

This is exactly what we nutritionists want to increase the number of this second group. In other words, we should not think of our excess weight only in the summer season. If we are sensitive to this issue in all seasons, our metabolic rate will not decrease and our internal organs will not be fat. Our immune system is strengthened. Since we do not gain or lose weight frequently, our muscle elasticity does not deteriorate. In other words, skin and skin sagging does not occur. For this reason, we always underline the following in the messages we give you;

In a short time” unconscious diets disrupt both your metabolic balance and moral motivation

You come back every time. If you use the same methods again, your body will become stubborn. You gain more weight each time. In order not to experience these again; seriously decide to get rid of your extra pounds;

  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t delay
  • take action

The first thing you will do is; “Draw a road map with an experienced nutritionist by researching your environment thoroughly. Share your life and nutrition facts “uncensored” with your nutritionist…

With these posts, “start from somewhere” and continue to change your eating habits and lifestyle.

Below is “How can I lose weight in 6 steps?” You should know that if you have an obesity problem, it is not your destiny, by reading the article we have prepared for you and applying what is written.

How to Lose Weight in 6 Steps?

one- Make it a habit to have a regular breakfast every day. Quality protein source in your breakfast should be eggs, cheese, seasonal vegetables, “measured” whole grain bread. Sometimes you can vary your breakfast by adding a bowl of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, an apple grated, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.

2- Make sure to consume the water your body needs during the day. a calculation method; multiply your weight by 30 and consider the result as ml calculation. For example, if your weight is 78, multiply it by 30, and the result is 2340, rounding up in ml, we get 2.3 ml, so you need to drink almost two and a half liters of water daily.

3- Gain the habit of snacking without waiting for the main meals. In this way, your blood sugar will be balanced and you will continue your nutrition program without disturbing it because you are not very hungry. This is an important point!

4-You should not consume salty and ready-made foods so that your body does not become edematous, you can consume plenty of edema-killing parsley with lemon, do not forget that green tea is both edematous and fat-burning.

5- Exercise regularly every day, especially walking for 45 minutes or an hour before breakfast every morning. Exercise will make you start the day more energetic and feel more comfortable psychologically.

6-As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, do not give up your determination, of course, applying with discipline and being patient will make your job much easier.

You will love yourself, your body and life more. With this program, you will gain tremendous self-confidence.

You will say, “I made a decision, I did not give up, I applied it with discipline and patience. I won”. Enjoy your summer to the fullest..

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