How to Lose Weight If You Can’t Stop Eating?

If you think that I want to lose weight but can’t stop eating, don’t be afraid. This is a frequent occurrence. I mean you are not alone. So what’s the reason you can’t stop eating?

Research shows that; If you’re trying to lose weight but can’t stop eating, it’s often because of emotional hunger, not physical hunger! But do not be afraid because; There are many ways to re-align yourself and your body. Moreover, when you try these ways, you will be able to get rid of the weight you do not want by stopping eating!

Physical and Emotional Hunger

If you have trouble controlling it while eating, believe me, this hunger may be caused by emotional hunger, not physical hunger. So there is an emotional state that triggers you to eat!

What we call physical hunger; It creates a feeling of emptiness in our stomach. Our stomach shows us that it is empty with various warnings it sends. Also physical hunger; tends to come slowly. Moreover, since it creates a real feeling of hunger, it creates nervousness and tension.

Emotional hunger is; it comes suddenly. When emotional hunger kicks in; It is a reaction against unwanted feelings such as stress, boredom, anxiety and loneliness. Research shows that; When emotional hunger comes, you are not actually hungry. The need to consume certain foods just to feel good is outweighed by hormones. The foods that need to be consumed are mostly carbohydrate groups. Especially processed carbohydrates.

When emotional hunger comes, the desire for foods such as pizza, cookies or chocolate increases, and when these foods are consumed, the body feels comfortable. Also, once we start feeling emotional hunger, the idea of ​​healthy eating never interests us.

Reconnect with Your Body

According to researches; The fact that the foods that increase our appetite and make us feel good are too accessible causes many negativities. Because when we have such easy access to these foods; every low mood pushes us to emotional eating behavior. As soon as our mood deteriorates, we easily enter the realm of emotional eating. When this vicious cycle begins, physical hunger becomes almost impossible to understand.

The experts’ opinion is as follows; The more you eat emotionally, the happier you will feel. This feeling of happiness makes you want to eat more and so on.

Even if you have been in emotional eating behavior for many years, don’t worry! Although it may take some time, it is possible to reconnect with your body and regulate your own hunger signals thanks to a method called mindful eating.

What is Controlled Eating Behavior?

What is called controlled eating is also known as “Mindfullness”. To give brief information; mindfullness is to ensure that your brain is not distracted, to focus on the present moment and to be aware of that moment.

Mindfullness eating, that is, what is called controlled eating; it aims to invalidate your body’s thoughts about foods by carrying this attitude to foods. This attitude is applied both during eating and when the decision to eat is taken!

The most important point is; before you start eating, you can check your body and decide whether you are really hungry. If you decide to eat then you have to continue until you feel satisfied with your body. The critical point at this stage is; is to give your body what it really needs and enjoy food without forcing yourself to limit it. When you do this, you will have made a huge difference.

Because; People with controlled eating behaviors tend to make healthier food choices, eat less, and be more satisfied. When the desire to be more controlled occurs, weight loss occurs as the desire to eat decreases.

Keep a Food Diary

One of the best steps to take for controlled eating behavior is to stay in control by keeping a food diary. While keeping this food diary; You should write the main meals and snacks without skipping. In addition, since the amount and type of food consumed is very important, these details should also be included in the food record. Another important point is; how you feel before and after consuming these foods. You should write down these feelings day by day. In this way, you can find the foods that trigger you and identify the foods that turn into a habit.

Maybe the things you eat when you want; You are consuming only because it is at hand. This is also a possibility and you will reveal this when you keep a food diary. Keep your food consumption record so detailed that; Have the answers to all the questions like whether you got bored and ate something while watching TV, or did you find yourself eating chocolate after an argument?

When you keep your food record, you also keep a record of your feelings; Since it is to identify your emotional triggers, complete records will bring success in less time.

After identifying the factors that cause your emotional eating, create prevention plans against them. If you are watching a movie after a meal and consuming junk food at the same time; After dinner, don’t watch movies and go for walks. So the important thing will be to change your focus. While you are about to be exposed to these factors, it will be your savior to focus on a different point immediately. Let’s say you have a tendency to overeat a food and then feel very bad; At that point, you need to develop a strategy for portion control.

How to Start Controlled Eating?

If you are aware of the triggers of your emotional eating and want to put the concept of controlled eating into practice, then this is the time. When you want to eat, immediately ask yourself if you are really hungry or if you want to eat in response to an emotion. Ask yourself why you eat often. If your answer is emotional to the question you ask, stop eating immediately. But if you still feel hungry after 20-25 minutes, then there is a physical hunger and you can benefit from healthy options.

Some of the questions you will ask yourself when you want to eat may be as follows;

  • Does my stomach feel empty or full?

  • Does my urge to eat come from my brain or my stomach?

  • Do I experience emotions that trigger the urge to eat?

  • Am I emotionally stable?

  • Would a healthy food also make me happy right now?

  • Do I really need a meal to fill the emotional void like pizza or ice cream?

You may find it difficult to do this at first, but as you practice, you will see that it works and something changes. Some steps are recommended to successfully implement this concept. These steps are as follows;

Get rid of distractions: Distract yourself from distractions while the act of eating is taking place. These distractions are; It can also be a phone, computer or television. Just devote yourself to food.

Eat slowly: Spread your meal out for a minimum of 25-30 minutes. Chew the bites thoroughly. Give yourself time to see if you have had enough.

Check yourself during the meal: Take a break from eating for a few minutes and try to connect with your body. Thanks to this method, you will feel how hungry or full you are.

Be thankful:Being grateful for what you eat will help you establish a healthier relationship with food.

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