How To Gain Tooth Brushing Habit?

In fact, it may sound a little strange to acquire the habit of brushing teeth, we may think that everyone should have this habit anyway. But the reality is unfortunately not like that. This habit, which should be acquired from childhood, can often be more difficult to settle later.

It’s never too late for that. Getting yourself or a loved one into the habit of brushing your teeth will not only protect you from many dental problems in the future, but will also save you from many treatment processes that will cause you pain and suffering.

If you take a look at the statistics of the Turkish Dental Association below, you can see the prevalence of dental problems. Only with healthy tooth brushing and cleaning habits can you get away from the negative side of this statistic. There is nothing we can do about genetic factors yet, but delaying these factors and reducing the effect significantly is very closely related to our lifestyle.

According to the statistics published by the Turkish Dental Association:

Proportion of people who have experienced at least one caries at some point in their life

(for over 35): 75%

Proportion of those who lost at least one tooth in their mouth:

People aged 35-45: 89%

People over 45: 93%

Total edentulous rate:

People over 65: 48%

In addition, the rate of going to the dentist:

In Turkey: 0.9 times a year on average

In Europe: on average 5 times a year

And the following statistical information that causes these results is the reason for the above results:

Amount of toothpaste used annually:

In Turkey: 89 ml

In Europe and America: 350 – 400 ml (varies by country)

Getting away from the problematic side of these stats is actually as close as a toothbrush and floss. By thinking about what motivates you, you can follow up closely until you gain the habit. Make sure you pass the 21 days, which is the key period in making a habit, and this subject will be automatic for you.

For example, if you are someone who is prone to numbers and wants to follow your performance, you can mark each brushing on a calendar. You can find various applications on brushing teeth on your smartphones to gain a habit. You can even get guidance on which areas you should brush for how long. Don’t forget to floss after brushing to get rid of residues between teeth.

As a result of regular brushing, you will notice that your teeth look whiter and healthier, and your mouth smells much better over time. Your environment may be reluctant to give you feedback regarding your oral and dental condition, so it’s best for you to act cautiously.

Do not neglect to give yourself time in this regard, remember that making a habit takes time and patience. It will also take time to get results, motivate yourself not to give up.

If there is another family member in the household who is in the same situation, you can take this decision together and move forward together by supporting each other. This can make you more determined to your cause.

Finally, getting information from your dentist and learning the ideal tooth brushing techniques will be a good first step for you to start the process in a healthy way.

We wish you healthy days.

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