how to forgive

What is the thing that everyone talks about but how it is done is unknown? If asked, we would all say forgiveness. Take a sack on your back and throw a stone in it for every situation you can’t forgive. Here, you will bend your back a little more for every person and event you can’t forgive. Let me state at the beginning that forgiveness does not mean that you have to relive the event over and over again, that you see the person over and over again. To forgive is to continue walking the path of life. With or without it. I will now focus on the part that will continue with it.
Forgiveness does not happen without understanding your wound, without realizing what your wound is. In order to forgive, it is necessary to re-discuss the situation, to face the situation again. Nothing should remain unexpressed. All your feelings and thoughts, your wishes, your emotional needs should be voiced AGAIN. Repetition means struggle. Your weapon will be the DIALOGUE. In other words, AGAINST DIALOGUE IS A WAY TO FORGIVING. If something unspoken remains inside you, a wound that you do not notice, each remnant will retake your body like a cancer cell.

Forgiveness is a free gift given to another person. He doesn’t have to “deserve” this gift. If there is a condition, it is called bargaining, not forgiveness.
When I think of forgiveness, the same phrase always comes to mind:

“It takes two virtues to forgive. Both forgiving him and forgiving yourself for forgiving him.” Orson Welles

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