How to do a water diet, what are the harms?

Recently, many popular diet forms have emerged. The water diet is also a nutritional plan that is preferred by those who want to lose weight fast and have a detox effect on their bodies, but it is not as beneficial as it is thought, and should never exceed 72 hours.

So how is the water diet done?

Unlike other types of fasting, there is no time zone in which you open the water fast. It is important not to think of it as a liquid diet while practicing this fast. No food or drink other than water is consumed. The amount of water consumption is usually 2.5-3 liters during the day. If it will be your first attempt, you can apply a 3-4 day preparation phase to get your body used to it. During this phase, you can fast normally or progress by eating smaller portions at each meal.

Helpful or Harmful?

There are very few scientific studies on the water diet. However, since it is very short-term, benefits such as detoxification in the body, cleaning of residual components in the cells and reducing the stress level have been observed on individuals without any health problems.

Let’s take a look at the disadvantages:

1. It cannot be converted into a lifestyle, it negatively affects metabolism!

A good diet should be sustainable throughout life. At the same time, it aims to create healthy eating habits in the person who applies it. Since this type of diet is discontinuous, weight gain occurs rapidly after the diet is over.

2. It makes you lose water, not oil!

When you follow the water diet, unfortunately, the weight you lose is not from your fat mass, but usually in the form of water loss, carbohydrate loss or muscle mass loss.

3. It lowers your energy during the day, weakens the immune system!

Since nutrients do not enter the body during the application period, your body’s immunity may decrease and you may increase your risk of contracting the disease, especially in winter.

So who should definitely not follow this diet?

  • those with diabetes,

  • gout patients,

  • Those with eating disorders

  • It can be very risky for the elderly, children, lactating people and pregnant women and should not be tried.

! ! In addition, people with intense work tempo should definitely not apply this diet form, as it creates low energy during the day.

As a result; I do not recommend the water diet as it does not turn into a lifestyle, does not cause permanent weight loss and has no scientific evidence. But if you do not have any health problems and want to try it, do not immediately switch to a normal eating pattern on the first day after the application, because this can disturb you very much. Therefore, you can switch to a transitional diet with various liquids and slightly soft foods in the form of smoothies and return to your normal diet within 3 days.

I wish you healthy days

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