How to decide how deep the chemical peeling process will be done?

Before starting the chemical peeling application, the skin must be thoroughly cleansed of dirt. In this cleaning process, special solutions prepared for chemical peeling should be used. In the first stage of the application, the face is cleaned with a special solution. After the cleaning process is finished, the skin must be dried. A suitable cream is applied to the sensitive areas of the face (such as the nose and eye area), so that chemical peeling does not work on these areas.

In what situations is it used?

Conditions that require chemical peeling; acne treatment, treatment of light acne scars, treatment of sun and age-related spots on the skin, reduction of pores on the skin, treatment of sun and age spots on the hand, removal of wrinkles and fine lines.

Chemical peeling derivatives are usually in the form of solutions. However, in spot treatments, acne scars, blackheads and streaking problems, lasers and crystalline peeling can also be supported. It is chosen according to the person’s problem and time.

How to decide how deep the chemical peeling process will be done?

In the chemical peeling application, the depth of the application is decided by evaluating the skin structure and problems of the patient. Superficial peelings affect daily life less. The patient feels a slight redness after the procedure is over. In deep peels, crusting may occur very rarely. Therefore, the person stays away from his daily life for about 1 week. Superficial and medium peels usually take 6-8 sessions. 4 sessions are sufficient for deep peeling. Very good results are obtained from chemical peeling. The priority is to choose the chemical peeling variant suitable for the person’s problem. If all these are taken into account, the results are satisfactory.

After chemical peeling

Home care after chemical peeling is very important. For the first 3 days, it is necessary to wash the face with only water. The use of any gel is not recommended. It is necessary to moisturize your skin with the skin nourishing recommended by your doctor. It is strongly recommended to use sunscreen. Daily life is generally not affected by superficial and medium peelings. In deep peelings, social life is interrupted for about 1 week. If you want to get very good results from chemical peeling applications, performing all these applications will provide you with effective results.

In chemical peeling applications, the skin must be cleaned with special solutions. This is the process of stopping chemical peeling. The skin is cleaned with a special solution. If the skin does not foam after cleaning, it means that it is free from chemical peeling products. After the applications, a nourishing cream is recommended to the patient according to the product used. It is applied to the surface after the procedure and is recommended to be taken by the patient for later use. The person should apply this cream himself after the application. After applying the cream, a sunscreen solution should also be applied to the skin. After treatment, there may be short-term mild redness, scaling and peeling. The risk of infection and scar formation after treatment is almost non-existent in AHA peeling. Sun protection is very important following the peeling application. After chemical peeling, people continue their normal activities. It is important not to wear make-up for a few hours after the application, not to use products other than some special creams, and to protect from the sun.

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