How to Cope with Future Anxiety

Since the beginning of 2020, bad events have occurred one after another in Turkey and in the world. Finally, the coronavirus epidemic has driven many people to worry about the future. Psychologist Sema Özcan listed the ways to cope with this situation.

Headlines from Özcan’s statements are as follows;

When we look at the events since the beginning of 2020 in our country; We see that many negative events such as natural disasters, epidemics, accidents, terrorist attacks, violence against women and child abuse pave the way for social traumas. While the widespread use of technology makes it easier for people to access all kinds of news, seeing, hearing and interpreting events has become psychologically negative effects. Man, by nature, is a bio-psycho-social being.When we evaluate it as a whole, being a healthy individual in biological, social and psychological areas will bring happiness and easier coping with the problems experienced.

Excessive anxiety complicates our lives

Events in society affect people directly or indirectly. Mental and physical health is a whole. Many events in the world and in our society affect the mental health of the society deeply and cause them to experience a future anxiety that can be continuous. Useful when anxiety is minimal. However, excessive anxiety complicates our lives, affects our sleeping and eating patterns and can disrupt the balance of our immune system.

Since the beginning of 2020, consecutive adverse events have started to cause future anxiety in people.Constantly thinking the worst, repeating negative scenarios in the mind, uncertainty about the future are the most important factors that increase anxiety. It is not possible to say anything definite since it is not known when and where the events will unfold. For this reason, uncertainty pushes people to fear that something bad will happen, to constantly think about bad results, to believe in negative automatic thoughts that repeat in their minds, and to experience anxiety by experiencing the expectation that this fear will come true.We do not have the ability to stop thoughts, but we can generate alternative thoughts to existing thoughts. we can change our cognitive distortions and deal with anxiety.

Examples of these thoughts on cognitive distortions

  • “Everything will be bad, 2020 started bad and it will always go like this”

  • “Anything can happen at any moment, something certain will happen to us now”

  • “No matter what I do, nothing will change”

Often overgeneralizing in sentences like this, catastrophizing (thinking and focusing on the worst outcome of the event), catastrophizing is done.

Events affect us all. However, the meaning attributed to the event rather than the event leads people to anxiety.

  • Ways to deal with anxiety

  • * Focus on what you feel to recognize the situation you are experiencing, describe the emotion you feel

  • * Evaluate your thoughts, make a list of the correctness and falsity of your thoughts that make you think that this will happen all the time.

  • *Believe that you can manage anxiety

  • * Pay attention to your sleep and diet

  • *Do not follow the news constantly if it affects negatively

  • * Try to do physical exercise, regular exercise reduces stress and anxiety

  • * Don’t fall into the trap of disaster

  • *Think about the things that are good for you, take the actions that you have postponed for a long time by increasing the tempo step by step,

  • * Just as a regret from the past, a sentence of wish can create anxiety, uncertainty about the future also creates anxiety. That’s why it’s important to live in the moment. Now think about what you are doing right now. Cope with anxiety by engaging your physical sensations….

Mental and physical health cannot be considered separately from each other, they are a whole. Take care of your soul and body…

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