How to Choose the Right Menu Outside?

  • How to Choose the Right Menu Outside?

“I am on the street 5 days a week, there is a program every night, how will I diet?”One of the many people who complained “You” You can be and you are not wrong. Because an important part of social life began to form outside organizations. Private parties and celebrations, lunch meetings, coffee chats, tea parties, breakfast invitations, open buffets for brunch have entered our lives too much to ignore. Eating at home is always easier because your menu, the ingredients you use and the amount are under your control. However, you may find it difficult to choose a meal at the restaurant. A rich variety of menus and delicious starters before the main course, olive oil and warm bread can completely disrupt the diet plan.

For many people who follow a diet program, eating at a restaurant is not even an option, but there is no need! If you are one of those who stay away from restaurants while dieting, you can enjoy your meal with your friends at your favorite restaurant without disturbing your diet program with the tips I will give you.

1. Ask for the bread to be removed from the table

In many restaurants, your waiter leaves the bread basket on your table first without asking, and if you sit down at the table very hungry, your hand will inevitably slip into the bread basket. Bread with various contents, grisini and tiny salty biscuits can be in the bread basket.

However, in order to prevent excess calorie intake and not spoil your diet, the first step will be to skip the bread. You can tell your waiter to remove the bread basket or not to bring it at all, so when you don’t see it, your heart will be upset and you will get through the first stage without any calories. Of course, let’s not forget the olive oil that comes with the bread basket, although it is a useful oil, 1 gram contains 9 calories, try to use this right in your meal.

When you examine the menu and it’s time to order;

2. Choose healthy drinks

One of the biggest mistakes made during meals is when ordering drinks. Never ignore liquid calories. Alcohol, juice, and sodas contain almost half the calories of the food you eat. For lunch, I suggest you drink “WATER” or mineral water. If you don’t want to drink plain water, you can add a lemon slice or add some fresh juice. If you are going to choose other than water and mineral water, I recommend you to choose diet drinks. If there is a celebration or a special meal that you need to accompany at dinner, then your preference can be wine instead of a high-alcohol beverage such as raki or vodka.

3. Avoid snacks

Snacks usually consist of fried food. Fried calamari, cheese, fried potato patties or onion rings and dips sound good before the meal, but since the frying process is applied, they will cause you to double the calories. For a healthy meal at the restaurant, I suggest you focus on the main course. If you couldn’t say no to the starters, then you can create a calorie balance by sharing the main dish with a friend.

4. Choose a salad to fill your stomach

While taking orders, waiters first ask if we want soup or salad. In this case, your choice is for salad. Soup is also a good option, but the ingredients are also very important, and soups in most restaurants can be creamy and high in salt. With light sauces before the main course (If there are no light dressing options, you can order your salad without dressing and add lemon, vinegar, pomegranate syrup and 1 teaspoon of oil yourself)Choosing a salad will make you feel quite satiated due to its fibrous feature.

5. Choose vegetables as a side dish next to the main course

There is at least one side dish next to the main course and they are usually served with mash, fried-baked potatoes, rice. However, if you prefer sautéed vegetables or greens instead of these starchy options, maybe you can create a more enjoyable calorie right by having a fork or two of dessert after dinner.

6. You can take half of the meals home

This suggestion will be a very good option, especially for those who live alone at home. Restaurant meals are usually large in portions, so you can ask the waiter to bring half of the meal and pack the remaining half. If it is a situation that you are not used to, you may feel embarrassed at first, but then you will get used to it, and you will have done a useful job for both your stomach and your pocket.

7. Order lean protein meals

Detective meticulousness may be required when choosing the main dish, because the sauces added to the dishes can cause you to take in more calories than you think. You can ask your waiter for help for this. For lean protein; Grilled fish and grilled chicken breast are the best options.

At the same time, proteins give a feeling of fullness more. Be sure to question the ingredients of the sauces.

8. Avoid high-carb meals

Combined with a huge plate of pasta or a large sandwich with vegetables, it sounds healthy, but because it contains high carbohydrates, choosing it often can cause you to spoil your diet. If you choose your sandwich with wholegrain, lettuce-vegetable content and without mayonnaise, you can get lower calories. When choosing pasta, make sure to use tomato sauce on wholemeal or wholemeal if possible. Avoid creamy pastas.

9. Look for healthy options on the menu

Today, many restaurants take care to prepare menus with healthy and low-calorie options. They even prepare delicious and healthy options for those who want to eat low-calorie and specify their calorie content, so you are aware of what you are eating and you do not go out of your diet. Sometimes even the menu of the day may be suitable for you, try to make it a habit to ask about the options other than the menu.

10. Choose healthy desserts

While dieting, there is no harm in enjoying a low-calorie and healthy dessert once or twice a week. Your preferences; small portions of milk dessert, sorbet, frozen fruit yogurt or fruit desserts without cream.

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