How to choose sports shoes?

Exercising is essential for a healthy life. However, it is very important to choose the right auxiliary materials while doing sports. At the beginning of these materials sneakerssiincome.

not chosen correctly sneakers These may invite some orthopedic problems. On the other hand, for some sports sneakers should be preferred. In our article both What should we pay attention to when buying sports shoes?We will give the answer to the question, and we will tell you which shoes should be chosen in which sports.

The shoes we use while doing sports are an important factor that balances the power distribution between our body and the ground. That’s why the first thing we need to pay attention to is that the shoes are exactly suitable for your foot size. Shoes should neither be loose nor narrow. You should take care that your ankle is comfortable and that your fingers can move easily inside. The toe part of your shoes should be wide so that your toes can move freely.

Our feet are regularly exposed to impact, especially when we step on the ground while walking and running. A good sneakers The heat must be able to distribute this pressure homogeneously. That’s why the soles of running and walking shoes are thick and soft; Many use special materials. On the other hand, the shoes should wrap the foot well on the sides and protect you from sprains.

The way to make the right choice of shoes is to know the structure of your foot. Your foot may be scalloped, highly curved, flat-footed, or curved. Moreover hallux valgus You may have a disease such as a disease or a problem such as ingrown nails. In such a case, it would be best to consult a doctor before choosing shoes.

Which Sport Which Sneakerssi?

There are different models of shoes according to the sport. Thanks to the special cushions in the shoes, it is possible to move more comfortably in sports activities. For example, in tennis, the fingertips are constantly in motion. Therefore, there are appropriate supports on the side of the shoe.

In basketball, it is important to jump and not to sprain the foot. For this reason, there are cushions on the sole and heel of basketball shoes. On the other hand, to protect against sprains, shoes with ankle straps should be preferred.

Appropriate soles are used to soften the blows to the sole during walking and running. In addition, these shoes should have a good grip on the foot, and air cushion in the heel and sole.

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