How To Brush Teeth?

The most effective way to protect teeth is to acquire the habit of regular brushing. It is necessary to brush the teeth with the right techniques at least twice a day, for at least 2 minutes. During the brushing process, the aim is to clean the bacteria accumulated at every point of the teeth and to prevent plaque that may occur in the tooth-gum junction. In addition to cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush, once a day according to the opening of the interfaces of the teeth; Cleaning with materials such as dental floss or an interface brush both plays an important role in preventing the formation of bacteria and minimizes the formation of plaque.

Toothbrush type selection; gingival health, the presence of prosthesis in the mouth, the presence of implants. In general, it would be the right approach to prefer mechanical and manual toothbrushes.

However, today, there are electric and rotary brushes. With this type of brushes, more effective and faster maintenance can be done.

Today; It is perceived as important which brush is used as well as which paste is used. As a social perception, it is thought that expensive paste will be good. For this reason, serious money is paid to expensive brands. However, the most important issue to remember is; The most important issue in oral care is physical cleaning. A properly done brushing takes care of 90-95% of dental care. The purpose of using putty; It is the removal of plaques that have been removed or removed by the brush from the tooth and ensuring that they do not stick again.

Therefore, we only benefit from the detergent effect of the paste in the brushing process.

To put it in a nutshell; The important thing in oral care is not what the paste can do, but how well you can brush and care for the interface.

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