How to Become the Best Family Model “Functional Family”?

As you know, the magic wand in child education; relationship and communication between mother and father
Child; creates a schema of his own in his mind from the forms of communication established between his parents. A
as a result of the incident, the reaction of his mother to his mother or his father to his mother.
creates a form of communication against his father through reactions.

A child who is mentally healthy and can communicate effectively; surely passes through the functional family model.

So what is this functional family?

Inside ;

7- We can define families with care/love/respect as functional families.

Now let’s explain these items;

1-Do you have a secure and healthy attachment style to your partner?
2- Are the characteristics of your sexual identity compatible with the identity you describe yourself in your relationship? HE
Do you have the characteristics required by the identity or do you undertake the roles adequately?
3-Who pops the corn at home on the weekend? Having your spouse prepare Sunday breakfast, every Saturday night
going for a walk etc. Are rituals present in your relationship?
4-Are you fairly honest with your spouse?
5-Set some limits inside the house. Personal phones should never be tampered with, or at dinner
be at home etc. Boundaries will make you take your relationship more seriously.
6-Speak with I language, be perceptive and empathetic.
7-Compliment, don’t command, ask. When he exhibits the behavior that makes you happy, not himself, but the behavior.
Reward by highlighting. “When you act like that, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.
”etc. It is in your hands to increase the frequency of that behavior with sentences such as:

On the other hand, the expectations of our identity from us are also very important in our family relationships. These;

Professional Identity: Am I someone who has job satisfaction?
Gender Identity: Do I have female roles if I am a woman or do I take on male roles if I am a man?
Ideological Identity: What is my stance towards the world? How wide is my perspective?

How much do the characteristics of your identity match with your partner, and how to deal with conflicts with a correct and effective form of communication.
can you handle it?

The more you fulfill the roles of men and women in your relationships, the same will happen to your child.
With its learning model, it will take you as a model and create a sexual identity accordingly.

Do not forget;
You can never expect a child to do something you have not done; because he learns all actions from you
According to the results, it decides whether or not to gain achievements or not.

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