How Sure Are You That Your Mouth Doesn’t Smell?

The bad smell in the mouth is called bad breath for short. While bad breath is a problem that can sometimes be solved with simple oral care methods, it can sometimes be a sign of very important diseases. An individual with bad breath is often the last to know that his/her mouth stinks. Usually, the first complaint does not come from the patient himself, but from his environment. Rarely, some patients differentiate their own bad breath. Causes of bad breath formation; It can be divided into two classes depending on systemic diseases or inadequate oral care.

In some patients, bad breath may be a sign of serious systemic diseases. Especially in sinus and lung infections, diabetes, kidney or liver failure and problems in the digestive system, changes in bad breath occur. However, the most common causes of bad breath in our society are excessive bacterial growth in the intestine and / or intestinal worms, as it is known among the people. In addition, hunger, diet, dry mouth, fasting and smoking are among the factors that cause bad breath.

Sufficient Lack of oral care is another cause of bad breath. . Tooth decay and gingivitis are important causes of bad breath. Tooth decay and gum disease cause a significant bad smell. In addition, worn bridges and dental prostheses in the mouth can cause bad odors as they will lead to food accumulation over time. Thanks to the specially developed dental floss for dental prostheses, you can remove bacteria and food residues in places that the brush cannot remove. These special dental floss are very effective especially in cleaning the food residues accumulated in the narrow areas between the tooth bodies. Moreover tongue Food deposits accumulating on it are converted into sulfur compounds by bacteria. Thus, the tongue becomes the source of bad odor in the mouth. For this reason, cleaning our tongue as well as brushing teeth largely eliminates the problem.

Toothpastes and chewing gums that contain zinc help in removing bad breath. Zinc is an indispensable element of the olfactory and taste-perception systems. At the same time, all nutrients containing zinc, salt water, green tea, all kinds of snacks help prevent bad breath. Finally, people who have bad breath should take care to use non-alcoholic mouthwash. Alcohol-free mouthwashes are available in pharmacies.

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