How should the midterm holiday be evaluated?

The way each student rests is different; some students relax by exploring different worlds by reading a book; some students put on their headphones and listen by dancing to melodies; Do some students rest by getting lost among the colors? Some students listen and rest their soul, mind and body with a sportive activity.

You can find out in the rest of my article what should be paid attention to in order for each student to spend this break both productively and with plenty of rest and motivation.

Face-to-face education, which started after online online education during the pandemic process, was eagerly awaited for all students and parents. Online education had a demotivating effect for many students in terms of course efficiency, concentration and adaptation. However, it also had a positive effect in terms of transferring new information that is easy to access and without time and place restrictions. Students who continue online education or face-to-face education will answer the question “What do you like most?” If we were to ask, it is likely that we would get the answer of “holiday”.

A break is a break in education. Considering the culture, art, sports, nature and pandemic conditions of our children, it is a very valuable time period for students to rest and explore, and to repeat and complete their deficiencies academically. While students experience the joy of taking a break, they also create a quality time period by preparing a holiday program in order to spend this period productively and pleasantly.

Midterm vacation should not be perceived as just resting and leaving school-related activities. These are critical time periods for the evaluation of the break period and planning for the targets. For students whose academic success is at a level they do not want, it is an opportunity that should be evaluated in order to reach the desired level. In order to spend the break holidays, which are a great opportunity to do the activities that cannot be found in the routine of the school; “The planning to be made for the holiday is rather than taking into account the expectations of the parents; should be done in line with the physical and emotional needs of the student.”

What Should Parents Pay Attention to During the Break?

Lesson Study..

Your friends are studying now, you are still traveling..

Is this the reward for our hard work? Let go of the phone / turn off the computer at least solve a couple of questions..

There are points that parents should pay attention to as well as the points that students should pay attention to during the mid-term break.

First of all, the pressure to study for children and the comparison of their friends reduces the motivation to study instead of increasing the motivation to study. He was already at home enough during the pandemic period, instead of saying that my child did not study as I wanted, he should prefer to focus on the current situation and plan accordingly.

Parents should not forget that their children need a vacation. Planning and preparation in the form of both rest and learning should be done to make the holiday process more efficient. Activities should be provided according to the child’s interests and abilities, and if possible, quality time periods should be created together with the family.

During this period, repetitions and homework should not be done completely away from the school. You should do it with your child while you are on vacation. Adjusting how much computer use at which time of the day to study increases efficiency. Midterm vacation is a great motivation and resting opportunity in preparation for the new term.

Parents of first grade students are encouraged to read short stories to their children; If they ask questions about the story, they improve their children’s thinking and learning skills. In addition, painting, singing and reading poetry with them contribute to the emotional development of children. Parents of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students are required to support their children’s reading for no less than half an hour. Parent and student sharing thoughts about the book read motivates the child to read more and therefore to learn. Guiding the student to implement a repetition program to review the topics covered until the mid-term break ensures that the student does not forget the information they have learned.

What should students pay attention to during the break?

Now it’s time to sleep and play all day.

I will not even open the cover of my books until the end of the holiday break..

Intermediate holidays are a great opportunity to do whatever you want with a planned and programmed arrangement.

First, prepare a plan for yourself to be efficient and scheduled. You can get support from your parents or school counselor.

The habit of reading books takes you two steps ahead in the exam. After the exam, you need to get into the habit of reading books in order not to say “I didn’t have enough time, I couldn’t answer all the questions, I read the question wrong.” The habit of reading enables the person to make quick and correct decisions by increasing his/her analysis skills. You should acquire the habit of reading books in order to interpret and analyze not only Turkish lessons but all lessons correctly.

Exercising both relaxes you and makes it easier to learn. With the visualization method, you remember how to do a sport movement and turn it into a behavior. Contributing to cognitive development, sports also have a positive effect on course success.

Don’t forget the stray animals. Leaving food and water at the door or on the street for stray animals supports the development of the child’s sense of responsibility. It also contributes to the child’s well-being.

Participating in household responsibilities puts your mind at rest. Doing things in daily life together and sharing responsibilities strengthens the sense of self-confidence. It increases the inner motivation with the feeling of being able to do it.

In line with your interests and abilities, you can learn a foreign language, paint, play an instrument, and play chess.

You can make future plans to reach your goal by doing research on the profession you aim to choose in the future.

You can make a self-assessment. “Did I achieve what I planned? What can I expect from the new era? What should I do for this?” You can search for answers to your questions.

I wish a pleasant and productive holiday to all our students..

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