How should students and parents evaluate the summer vacation?

With the end of a busy academic year, the summer vacation period, which students have been waiting for impatiently, has begun. While the students are preparing to put many responsibilities about the school on the shelf for a long time, many parents ask, ‘Will this child sit idly by for 3 months?’ They can’t help but ask themselves the question. In order to clarify this question, we decided to devote our column this week to this subject.


It should not be forgotten that vacation is a rest and relaxation process for everyone. Especially in recent years, the difficulties brought by the education system are fueling this need of students even more. However, many parents see this process as an opportunity for the student to learn something and try to involve the student in an intense curriculum. For this reason, tensions and conflicts can often occur in family relationships.


Consider the summer vacation as a time when your child can spend more time with you and strengthen their existing relationships. Try to spend as much time with your child as you can.

Encourage your child to be involved in various social activities. This could be a drama course or a summer camp where you can mingle with a peer group and have a good time. Remember, your child’s mental development is not the only thing you should care about. In addition to mental development, social development and motor development are just as important.

Make sure your child is busy with sports activities so that he can enter the winter more fit. In this way, you will direct your child’s energies in a healthier way.

You can have the opportunity to do the book reading activity in the summer period, where there are not many opportunities for classes during the winter. You can support this activity by going to a bookstore with your child and acquiring the books your child has chosen.

If you entered the summer vacation with a report card that was not successful for you, do not use it as a weapon against your child. Expressing the previous report card during the summer may cause negative feelings such as anxiety and guilt in the child, so that the child does not enjoy his holiday and may cause the child to start school tired and reluctant in the fall. This situation increases the risk of failing the child in the new academic year.


Since the reading and writing skills of the students who are in the second year are very fresh, it will be beneficial for them to do such studies even for 15 minutes a day in the summer, to reinforce their knowledge and achieve success in the next grade. If the student refuses to do this type of work, you can apply the reward system. For example; It’s like going to the park after studying. (Note: Make sure that the rewards are not material. Although financial rewards may seem to motivate the child at first, they lose their appeal later and the child is not motivated due to satiety.)

Due to SBS, 6th and 7th graders should do not too heavy work to reinforce the knowledge of the previous class, especially from the beginning of August.

Students who are in the 10th and 11th grades can do a non-strenuous work on the university entrance exam as of August.

Students who have completed the 8th and 12th grades should rest as much as possible in order to have the chance to transition to the new system in front of them more easily.

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