How should rhinoplasty be in women?

Rhinoplasty The first thing to consider when performing the operation is the gender of the person. A rhinoplasty operation and design for a woman and a rhinoplasty operation and design for a man will definitely be different.
-Male nose features are straight back and lip angle is around 90 degrees. In women, when deciding on the shape and design of the nose, it is preferred that the nose is straight or slightly curved, the tip of the nose is 1-2 mm higher than the nose, and the nasal lip angle is around 100 degrees.
– In female type rhinoplasty, the nostrils should be symmetrical and equal ellipse-like when viewed from the side, while the entrance holes should be partially visible when viewed from the front.
– Considering the golden ratio and artistic harmony between the nose, face and head, an ideal design and appearance in rhinoplasty is achieved.
– The size, length, shortness or size of the nose structure is affected and determined by the surrounding structures.
After all, in aesthetic nose surgery, the nose should be compatible with the cheekbones, eyebrows, forehead and chin structure.
– While designing the nose, the appearance of the nose should not be evaluated only from the profile or front, and the operational process should not be planned. From above, from below, from a cross angle, even when laughing and talking, the appearance of the nose shape should be considered and designed. In other words, the aesthetic design of the nose is hidden in the details.
-Well designed and operated in rhinoplasty the nose is not in the foreground. Eyes and lips are in the foreground and a more meaningful, beautiful, effective and balanced facial expression is formed.
Dr. Current Ozturk
Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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