How should rhinoplasty be done in men?

– Malenose plastic surgery and its design is different from female nose aesthetic operation and design.
-Male nose shape and profile should be harmonious and balanced with masculine sharp facial features. Not being able to understand that there is an operation after the nose aesthetic operation should be the most important goal in rhinoplasty.
– In the male type nose, the nose ridge and the tip of the nose should be on the same plane, if necessary, a very light nose ridge can be left to adapt to the facial contours. otherwise, a feminine image can be revealed in the man.
-Like the female nose profile, the tip of the nose should generally not be 1-2 mm higher than the ridge of the nose. In men, the nose and lip angle should be around 90 degrees, which gives a more solid, stable, masculine and balanced facial expression.
-The quality of the nose skin directly affects the result of the nose surgery.
-With the nose in men, without fully evaluating or harmonizing the forehead and chin tiprhinoplasty Operation i will be incomplete.
Dr. Current Ozturk
Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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