How should pregnant women sleep?

Who doesn’t love sleep, right? Especially during pregnancy… In the first months, drowsiness due to hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy is common. At the beginning of pregnancy, your lying position is not very important. However, with the following weeks, things change.

Sleeping position during pregnancy is very important not only for your comfort but also medically. The reservation of expectant mothers is the thought that the baby will get stuck and hurt, especially in the prone position. They think that they will crush the baby with the thought that they are lying on it. The prone position does not harm the baby and should not be feared, thanks to the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. You can sleep in the position you want until the 28th week on average. Already after the 6th month, you cannot relax because of your growing belly and you do not prefer to lie on your face.

Sleeping on your back is inconvenient for the baby!

As pregnancy progresses, your growing uterus and growing belly put pressure on the mother’s main vessels (arteries and veins) that run along the mother’s spine. Especially in the last months, when this weight, up to 6 kilograms, together with the baby, puts pressure on the mother’s blood vessels that bring her back to the heart, the blood returning to the heart decreases and causes a decrease in blood pressure in the mother. This makes the mother feel faint and is called supine hypotensive syndrome. Another bad result of this is that the blood going to the uterus will also decrease, so the blood going to the baby will decrease. Therefore, full supine sleep should be avoided.

While you don’t have to lie on your left or right side, lying on your stomach slightly to the side reduces this pressure. Because it is not possible to lie in the same position all the time and it is normal for you to turn around during the night. Left side lying position is the most recommended sleeping position. In this position, both the blood flow to the baby will increase and the edema and swelling in the hands, feet and ankles will decrease as urine will be filtered more easily from the mother’s kidneys.

The uterus is anatomically turned slightly to the right, if you lie on your left side, the pressure created by the uterus will be extra relaxed. But this does not mean that you should always sleep on your left side because it may disturb your comfort. It is enough just to lower your belly to the side. When you fall asleep, you can place a pillow on the side of your back so that you don’t unconsciously roll over. You can also put a pillow between your legs and under your stomach by turning one or both knees to the side with your knees bent. You can benefit from pregnancy-specific pillows.

Again, increased body weight can cause snoring and sleep apnea if you lie on your back.

As a result; With the advancing weeks of pregnancy, you should avoid sleeping in the back position and prefer side lying positions!

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