How should I prepare for a mammogram?

If you have breast-related complaints before the mammogram, you should inform your doctor. Apart from this, it will increase the usefulness of the procedure if you report your previous surgical interventions, your hormone use, and your family history of breast cancer, if any, and your degree of affinity.

Do not have a mammogram in the week before menstruation. During this period, the procedure can be painful as the breast tissue is much more sensitive. In addition, excessive edema that occurs in some women during this period may affect the quality of the examination. The ideal time for a mammogram is one week after the end of menstruation. If you are likely to be pregnant, please inform your doctor or technician.

Bring your previous mammograms on the examination day. Comparison with previous examinations increases the effectiveness of the mammography examination, while reducing unnecessary additional procedures.

It is recommended that you do not apply spray deodorant or powder on the armpit or breast on the day of the examination. Sometimes these can be confused with small calcification foci (microcalcifications) in the breast. Roll-on style deodorants can be preferred when necessary.

Before the examination, you will take off your clothes above the waist and wear the disposable apron that we will give you. For this reason, it is recommended to choose clothes such as shirts or sweaters that you can wear comfortably instead of dresses.

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