How Should I Communicate With My Child?

We communicate through the relationships we have established with the person in front of us, and at the same time we
We start a relationship with verbal and non-verbal communication. These relationships are mother-child, father-
relations such as child, mother-father, mother-neighbor relations. What connection does the child observing this relationship have with him?
It can easily understand that you are communicating through it.

Communication requires interrelationships, where people use certain words, sounds, signs and gestures.
wants them to have a common understanding of its meaning. In this context, the language and tone we use
is of great importance. If we rate this importance, 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% words are effective.

How Can I Communicate Effectively With My Child?

Now I will tell you about some important details in the relationship we have established with children.

1- First of all, decide when to start the communication correctly. If the child is in trouble
Never take ownership of your problem, it will definitely express itself unless there is a very opposite situation.
2-I use language. Communicate through the child’s behavior. Perceiving, not judgmental
3-Be empathetic. Let him describe the current situation first. Then what about this situation?
Ask him what he thinks and how he feels afterwards. This item is both
due diligence in your children, as well as managing emotions by asking thoughts before emotions
A tool that will enable your child to understand that his/her skill belongs to thoughts and develop self-control in your child.
element will be.
4-There are three ego selves in every human being. These are the adult self, the child self, and the parent self.
are the situations. While communicating with our child, while trying to understand his feelings, the child ego ego
If our situation comes to the fore and it hurts him, “Let me kiss him, whoever put him there”
It is our ego state that speaks like a child, “I will beat you”. If we are a strict and authoritative parent,
At least he’ll show that we understand his feelings “Uh uh yeah I understand, it really hurts
should be..” etc. Let’s make affirmative sentences.
5-You will definitely reward your children as a result of desired behaviors or sentences praising them.
you will establish. However, I should especially point out that these sentences have an effect on the behavior exhibited by the child.
should be. When the child exhibits a negative behavior because the personality begins to form at a very young age
Praises or slurs such as “incompetent or you’re amazing” are shy or shy in the child’s personality
overconfident narcissistic personality traits.
Therefore, the praise should be as follows; “I feel so happy when you act like this” or “This is
When you behave in such a way, I feel sad” and the behavior is not the personality, but the center.
You will have a perceptive attitude rather than judging by using I language.

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