How should heart patients be fed?

Unhealthy eating habits are one of the most important causes of cardiovascular diseases. When you eat irregularly, the fats formed in the body can cause plaque to form in the veins over time and thus narrow or block the veins that go to the heart. In order to prevent heart diseases, we should eat healthy, exercise regularly and stay away from harmful habits.

The healthy diet that everyone knows includes not eating meat, not consuming fat, and getting plenty of greens. Actually, this information is not entirely correct. You can eat meat, you can also eat fat. These are also necessary for our body. The important thing is how and how much we should consume. We should take care to consume less foods rich in saturated fatty acids. Margarine, animal fat, lard, solid oils are rich in saturated fatty acids and are products that facilitate the formation of atherosclerosis. Consuming olive oil instead of these oils will be beneficial for your health. Butter is one of the fats that contain the acids necessary for our body, provided that we eat it in a certain amount.

Another curious subject, such as fat, is meat consumption. Meat is a protein store. Therefore, no physician can say that meat should not be eaten. You can consume meat, provided that it is from the leanest part of the meat, the redest part. Of course, it is one of the important rules not to overdo it. It should be noted that the oil in chicken skin is also extremely useless in terms of vascular health. Make sure to remove the skin while cooking the chicken.

For cardiovascular health, you should also limit salt and sugar consumption. Limiting salt consumption is important for cardiovascular health as well as controlling blood pressure. One of the diseases that support a heart attack is high blood pressure and the other is diabetes. While it is enough for us to consume 6 grams of salt a day, as the Turkish society, we consume too much because of our fondness for salt. 6 grams of salt is equivalent to about 1 teaspoon. We meet this amount with the food we eat during the day. Apart from that, the added salts are just arbitrary. We shouldn’t keep salt shakers on the table.

We do not recommend sugar, such as salt. In fact, the subject we want to talk about here is refined sugars. These additives and processed sugars are dangerous for cardiovascular health.

Other points to note are:

  • Do not smoke, limit alcohol.
  • Eat well.
  • Get enough of each food.
  • Do not consume unhealthy fats. Do not overuse useful oils such as olive oil, hazelnut oil, butter.
  • Eliminate the frying habit.
  • Consume vegetables.
  • Avoid foods such as pastries and fast food.
  • Consume red meat without fat.
  • Prefer eggs not in oil, but boiled.

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