How Should Children Be Informed When Coming to the Interview?

When parents come to get support with their children, this is the question they ask me the most.

-What should I say to my child while Mrs. Rumeysa brings it to you?

As in all matters, my request from families is to be clear and transparent. Talking to children about sexuality, death, divorce, going to a psychologist can be worrisome if you’re not prepared. The information you provide may be limited, but it should not be unrealistic. One of the most important elements of the therapy process is trust and transparency. For this reason, from the very first step, we recommend that you give your child age-appropriate and true information instead of giving unrealistic and secret answers. Sometimes, when I get information from my assistant, I notice during the interview that the parents make false statements because of their concerns, even if they are given clear information about what to say. For this reason, when I make the first meeting only with the parent, I definitely work on this anxiety and structure the conversation with the family and the child.

However, I thought it would be useful to write an information letter, especially for children over the age of 7, since I invited the whole family to the first meeting.

What you should definitely not say;

“We are going to stop by a friend”, “An older sister will play with you”, “We are going to the doctor.” or “We’re going to the park.” I recommend that you do not bring it to the interview with information that does not reflect the truth.

An example explanation;

“Sometimes we find it difficult to solve our difficulties on our own. At such times, we can turn to others for help. We’re going to go to a specialist today and have a little chat. He may ask us questions about the difficulties we are experiencing or may ask us to tell about our problems. He was listening to children and young people and helping them. So you can talk to him however you want.”

“You are telling us that you were distracted at school/cannot listen to your lessons/had problems with your friends/missed us so much so you couldn’t stay at school…. We and your teachers cannot help you enough in this regard. That’s why we want to get support from an expert who helps children.” you can say.

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