How Should Adolescents Be Informed When Coming to the Interview?

When parents come to get support with their adolescent children, this is the question they ask me the most.

When working with children and young people over the age of 7, I prefer to see the whole family at the first meeting. While making an appointment, of course, we talk about the details according to the conditions of the family and determine the process with my assistant and sometimes with me.

The way relationships begin is an important element that guides how they will continue. Therefore, it is very important how you talk to the young person who is a little more aware of the situation as of age.

Unlike children, most young people know more about what it means to receive psychological support. However, this information can be false or negative information. This may cause young people, who are generally more resistant to therapy, to not look forward to the therapy process. At this point, parents can point out their children’s difficulties in daily life and express the problems they experience in these matters. If parents share the responsibility in therapy by saying that therapy is a support for both themselves and their children, the likelihood of their children being warm to therapy may increase.

An example speech;

“We realize that you have been unhappy for a long time…/We have been trying to solve these problems for a long time…/We are aware that you are upset, but unfortunately we cannot help you enough. That’s why we want to get support from an expert on this subject. This support will be both for you and for us. As parents, we may have things to do/learn to make you happier/more comfortable. Maybe we need to learn about them too.”

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