How Should a Healthy Divorce Process Be?

Divorce, personalities, socio-cultural values, habits and reactions can not adapt to each other, when they are together, either or both of them have social and professional problems; It is based on the basis that people who can develop physical and mental complaints can be healthier separately.

Divorce is certainly not the best thing that has ever happened to you, but it certainly isn’t the worst thing you’ve ever experienced. It is our mind that perceives the situation we are in, good or bad. What is bad for us may be good or even very good for someone else. Things are not bad or good on their own. What makes them bad or good is how we look at things and what we come up with as solutions to them.

For a Healthy Divorce Process;

• In this process, emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety may arise, but these will decrease over time. Being kind to yourself is very important. Studies have shown that people who are compassionate and kind to themselves are more able to manage what they encounter during the divorce process.

• Take care not to lose mutual respect and communication.

• The changes you face during the divorce process can be challenging, but this is one of the times when you should pay the most attention to yourself. Make sure you have people around you who can support you in this process.

• Try to stay as positive as possible on this new page and return to habits you love but haven’t done for a while.

• Take care to be physically healthy by sticking to your sports, exercise and healthy eating habits.

• Divorce is a difficult phase for all family members. Getting psychological support during this process can help both parents and children cope with the emotions, difficulties and changes they may encounter. You can also avoid repeating negative patterns in your next relationship by thinking carefully about marital difficulties and things going wrong. I wish you healthy and happy days.

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