How often should I take my child to the pediatric dentist?

The American Association of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) and the Association of Pediatric Dentists of Turkey (TPD) recommend the control examination period for all children at least twice a year. However, the number of controls may increase in children who have poor oral hygiene, have special syndromes or diseases, and are in the high risk group for caries. But it should not be forgotten that your pediatric dentist is the person who will best explain the right control frequency for your child.

Why do I need to take my child to the Pediatric Dentist even though he does not have caries?

Regular dentist appointments help keep your child’s teeth cavities free. teeth cleaning(brushing etc.), which are organized on the teeth and cause gingival disorders and dental caries. scraps removes it. Fluoride therapy renews the fluorine content in the enamel, strengthening the teeth and preventing tooth decay. Hygiene guidelines improve your child’s ability to brush and floss, thereby ensuring clean teeth and healthy gums.

Tooth decay is not the only reason for a dental check-up. The pediatric dentist can convey the necessary information about the development of your children at your control appointments. For example, your child may need local fluoride application, dietary change, and fissure-preserving fillings (also called caries vaccine) for optimal dental health. The pediatric dentist can identify orthodontic conditions and help you with the urgency of this issue.

What happens in a Pediatric Dentist examination?

The Pediatric Dentist evaluates your child’s medical and dental history. He or she will gently and playfully examine your child’s teeth, oral tissues and jaws. The surfaces of the teeth are cleaned and local fluoride application is made (if there are suitable conditions).

In the first examination, the Pediatric Dentist does not only talk to you (parents), but mostly talks to the child in a way that he or she can understand, giving him information about what to do with pictures and examples. After these procedures, he informs the family and the children are always at the forefront. The child is motivated in terms of healthy smile and teeth.

Is it necessary to take X-rays (X-rays) at every appointment?

No. The Pediatric Dentist can take it when it thinks it will benefit your child’s oral and dental health, according to TPD and AAPD recommendations. For example, x-rays can help diagnose your child’s cavities, supporting the right treatment and diagnosing abnormalities. Or, it will provide information about the diagnosis and planning of orthodontic treatment. Your pediatric dentist will give you the necessary information about the necessity of the x-ray.

How can I help my child have good oral hygiene?

The following steps will help your child be part of the caries-free generation;

  1. junk foodregulating the frequency of in (you need to keep control)

  2. With fluorine-containing toothpastes effective brushing twice a day

  3. per day floss onceto use

  4. regular dentist control inspectionto follow the

  5. To monitor whether they regularly buy water, foods and products containing fluorine (Many people in our country can easily reach such products.)

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