How often should I be weighed?

The weighing thing is interesting. You weigh in today, you get more, the next day you get less. Many factors affect this.

???? What you eat that day, even what you eat the day before, has an effect.

???? not going to the toilet

???? Stress

Stress raises cortisol and causes water retention in the body. That leads to “pay”.

⚖️If you are weighed every day, it is beneficial to be under constant control, but there will be weight fluctuations due to the reasons I mentioned above.

This can get you down, and when you’re unhappy, most people eat more. When there is stress because I could not lose weight, there will be edema.

⚖️Not being weighed is also an option, but in these pandemic days, it is inevitable that we gain weight when we are so inactive. It would be beneficial to face reality as soon as possible and take precautions.

⚖️Weighing once a week seems to be the most accurate frequency. Know yourself and find the right day. Weigh yourself that day.

✔️ a few hours after waking up, if possible after going to the toilet,

✔️Weigh yourself without clothes.

✔️Make sure the scale is stable on a smooth surface.

???? In women, the menstrual period and the few days before it may be more edematous.

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