How many minutes should I breastfeed my baby to get the oily milk? What is foremilk hindmilk?

While I was writing, my heart was constricted, I can’t even imagine the stress I would experience if I thought about all this with a baby in my arms! Let’s get some clarity.

What is foremilk hindmilk? In fact, 2 different milks are not produced from the breast. As milk is produced, fat molecules stick around the milk ducts. It’s like the oil that gets stuck around the glass when you empty the glass full of oil. When the baby takes milk for the first time, this oil does not flow immediately, so the baby drinks a little more milk with a sugar rate. However, as the baby suckles, the accelerated milk flow causes the fat molecules to descend towards the nipple, thus increasing the fat content towards the end. So it’s purely mechanical.

Well, can we always say that foremilk is less fat? No. The difference in the amount of fat depends on how long the milk stays in the breast. Look, we came across the frequency of breastfeeding again! ???? The longer the breastfeeding intervals, the more different the amount of fat between foremilk and hindmilk will be. If the baby is breastfed again very soon after the last breastfeed, the amount of fat he receives will not be much different.

So, what will be the practical information left in your pocket from this post? You don’t need to think about this issue and try to calculate it, because we can never know how much milk the baby drinks, and it is impossible to know the amount of fat he takes. Only your baby really knows. As long as the baby suckles effectively and the mother lets the baby suckle as much as she wants, everything goes well, it’s the amount of milk and fat she gets on a day-to-day basis, not on a meal basis, and your baby is an expert at regulating this. Whether he sucks frequently or at long intervals, the daily fat rate does not change. ????

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