How is tummy tuck surgery done?

Abdominoplasty is a 3-stage operation. ;

  • First, the fat tissues in the front and sides of the abdomen are removed with the liposuction method, and a slim appearance is obtained both in the abdomen and in the waist.
  • Secondly, the skin + subcutaneous tissue in the sagging abdomen, where there are dense cracks under the navel, is removed. The abdominal skin is tightened and the navel is sutured to its new place.
  • Third, the deformed muscles in the anterior abdominal wall are brought closer together and the abdomen is made flat.

Abdominoplasty is one of the operations that I draw the most rosy picture for my patients in the post-operative period. Because I can tell my patients that they will slim down 2-4 sizes as soon as they come out of the surgery, and if they listen to my suggestions in the following 2-3 months, they will get at least 2 sizes thinner. Needed during surgery liposuction With the plication process applied to the rectus muscles, 2-4 sizes of thinning are already achieved immediately. In the following process, if patients are fed only with liquids and away from carbohydrates, it is not a dream to get that much thinner. Of course, there are a few factors that cause this. First of all, it is much easier for the patient to follow a certain diet program after tummy tuck surgery because the physical change associated with the surgery motivates the patient to a high degree. The plication to the abdominal wall compresses the stomach from the front, the stomach cannot expand as easily as before, and therefore the feeling of satiety occurs much more quickly. Finally, the patient, who has difficulty in movement due to his previous weight, moves away from a sedentary lifestyle and increases calorie consumption, as he can move much more easily.

Abdominoplasty is a procedure that takes about 2 hours under general anesthesia. The patient comes out of the operating room dressed in a special corset. The patient is asked to wear this corset for 4-6 weeks. In rare cases where there is a risk of bleeding, safety drains are placed and removed after 2 days. The patient starts walking in the 4th hour after surgery. The patient is hosted in the hospital for 1 day. When the patient is discharged from the hospital, he can walk on his own and meet his toilet and cleaning needs. Do not forget that you will feel the need to change the clothes in your wardrobe after the surgery.

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