How is the emdr technique used in online therapy?

Developed by Francine Shapiro, EMDR therapy is briefly eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy. When Shapiro realized that eye movements were related to changes in information processing processes in the mind, he began to use finger movements to control eye movements. In the following processes, alternative bi-directional stimuli such as tactile and auditory were also used. Currently, some technological devices are used as well as old methods in order to perform visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. Target in EMDR therapyThe aim is to ensure that the person becomes desensitized to the traumatic events experienced in the past, to remember these memories without any disturbing emotions, and to reprocess the memory in a way that will enable the person to develop a more positive perspective about himself.

In this technique, which is carried out in 8 stages, first of all, information about the problem experienced by the person is obtained and a treatment plan is created. After the person’s memory network is recorded, the targeted traumatic memories are processed starting from the first memory in his/her life about the problem. However, the technique does not just end there, resources and skills are created that will enable the person to cope with the problem.

EMDR Therapy One of the questions asked in . is how this method is so functional on problems. Many studies on this subject show that this system is a neurobiologically based method that is effective on information processing. To summarize, based on these studies, traumatic experiences cannot be integrated in the brain. Traumatic experiences, which are emotionally fragmented, continue to exist in the mind of the person as sensory, visual, olfactory and bodily traces. It is seen that many psychological disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder occur as a result of unsuccessful information processing, in which certain parts of traumatic experiences are dominant for a long time. In a study conducted by Pagani et al. (2012), the neuronal activation of the clients was monitored with EEG during EMDR therapy. has been reported to occur with change.

Online EMDR Therapy

The main point of EMDR therapy is to provide visual, auditory or tactile stimulation in the client. In face-to-face therapies, bidirectional stimulation can be performed tactilely with finger movements, various sounds or tools such as sticks. There are also various technological tools that can be used in face-to-face therapies. online therapy however, this situation is changing. Many therapists can use different methods for themselves. One of the most known methods is to download a program called EMDR Kit to the client’s phone and use this program in online therapy. We only need a headset to use this program.

The protocols used for EMDR with the client are used by going through the same stages, and in the desensitization phase, the client is expected to use this program from their phone. The only difference from face-to-face therapies is that the client must start and stop the program with the guidance of the therapist. Except when this program cannot be used, tactile and auditory stimulation is provided to the client himself. For example, the client gently touches their knees or shoulders rhythmically, under the direction of the therapist. Since the purpose of this method is to perform only two-way stimulation, many alternative methods can be used in online therapy, as in face-to-face therapy. Recently, there has been a serious increase in online therapies due to the Corona epidemic, but clients have started to have concerns especially about the use of EMDR. However, it should not be forgotten that EMDR therapy is used both face-to-face and online in a functional way, as long as a trained and experienced therapist is working in this field, and many problems are dealt with in this way.

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