How Is Gum Disease Treated?

Gum diseases are diseases that can be controlled and largely prevented with early diagnosis and successful treatment. In order to prevent gingival diseases, attention should be paid to oral hygiene and dental stones and plaques should be cleaned by regularly seeing the dentist twice a year. How to treat gum disease If you are wondering; Different treatment methods are used according to the stages of the disease. While early diagnosis and early treatments are improved with easier treatment methods; More serious surgical operations can be performed in progressive gingival diseases.

Treatment of Gum Disorders

Gum diseases are not self-limiting; They do not show improvement with treatments such as vitamins, antibiotics and mouthwash. It must be examined by a dentist and the treatment method recommended by the dentist should be applied according to the type and stage of the disease. Early diagnosis will ensure that gum diseases are treated as soon as possible and that the gums and teeth will maintain their healthy structure. In the early treatment of gingival diseases, calculus removal, plaque removal and straightening of the tooth roots are performed. In this way, the bacteria that cause discomfort in the gums are removed and the patient is provided with healthy teeth and gums again. In the later stages of gum disease, removing plaque, straightening tooth roots and dental calculus removal operations may not be sufficient. In such cases, gingival operations should be performed.

Early Treatment

We mentioned that calculus removal, plaque removal, tooth root correction operations were performed in the treatment of gingival diseases in the early periods. In addition, treatment methods such as filling rotten teeth, renewing bad and overflowing fillings, correcting unsuitable dental prostheses, cleaning the areas where bacteria will adhere, and root canal treatments and extraction of incurable teeth, if necessary, are also applied.

Treatment in the Later Periods

In the following periods, only early treatment may not be sufficient. In these cases, surgical interventions are performed. gum disease treatment Methods include Flap operations, lifting the gums and removing the calculus under them and suturing the gums back; Healthy gums are obtained by suturing the gums by extending them to the tooth in recessed gums or by suturing another tissue taken from the mouth to the receding gums.


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