How Is Anxiety Disorder Treated?

symptoms of anxiety disorder There are many treatment alternatives available to reduce and manage the discomfort. Among the methods used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, the most preferred treatment method is psychotherapy performed by a psychologist and psychotherapy applications. Another treatment method widely preferred by individuals is the use of psychiatric drugs (antidepressants) prescribed by a psychiatrist. By emphasizing the professions, it is aimed to prevent confusion between the professions. To clear up this confusion, it will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

If anxiety treatment is aimed to be done in a real and correct way, the triggering factors of the patient’s anxiety disorder and its manifestation should be determined, addressed and examined at the beginning (primarily). Triggering factors are an important part of treatment. The nature of the triggers should also be examined.

What are the Methods Used in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorder?

There are two occupational groups you will go to to treat your anxiety disorder. One of these professions is a psychologist and the other is a psychiatrist. There are some differences between these two professions. Namely: If you have been to a treatment center and a medication has been prescribed for you, it means that you have gone to a psychiatrist, not a psychologist. Psychiatrists are graduates of medical school. If the medicine was not prescribed and he talked with you for about an hour and if this conversation is aimed at raising awareness and awareness, he listened and if this listening is a listening without judgment, criticism, anger, offending and advice-advice, he suggested some exercises and decided on these exercises together. If you have given some techniques, some homework, it means you went to a psychologist, not a psychiatrist. Psychologists are graduates of the “Psychology Department” in the science and literature faculties of universities. A person who has a degree in psychology is a psychologist. This information is important information to keep in mind. As a result, psychologists practice psychotherapy and psychotherapy, while psychiatrists prescribe drugs. Psychologists do not and cannot prescribe medication. Psychologists are not authorized to prescribe medication.

Psychotherapy Method

As mentioned above, psychotherapy, which is the most effective and perhaps the most effective method of anxiety disorder treatment; It is a long-term form of treatment. Psychotherapy is a highly effective treatment for learning ways to understand and manage your anxiety disorder. Since the effect of this therapy method has been observed and proven to a great extent, it deserves the first place in the choice. Therefore, if you are reading this article, it would be useful to try the psychotherapy method first. With this treatment method, which is used in the treatment of anxiety disorder, you can witness and realize how your thoughts and feelings affect your behavior. The professional group that performs this treatment method is “psychologists”. The name of the person who comes in this treatment method is definitely not “patient”. The client has some problems and finds it difficult to solve alone. Therefore, it naturally needs support. The name of the individual who needs psychotherapy is “client”. The psychologist manages the treatment process together with the client. The type of session that takes place once a week is often a recommended interval. Each session takes approximately one hour. Of course, the client may want to increase this interval to a few times a week or once every ten days. Together with their psychologist, they decide on this interval. The method to be used in the treatment of anxiety is determined according to questions such as the dimensions of the person’s anxiety, whether it is combined with other disorders, which behavioral patterns are active. The main purpose is to ensure that the patient reaches a maturity, a stage where he can self-manage his feelings and thoughts, as well as his behaviors. As a result, the individual needs to re-develop the skills of coping with stress, defense mechanisms, the methods he has learned since childhood, and understand and finally internalize the thought patterns that lie in the background of his self-behaviours. In this therapy method, some applications are made to change the inappropriate defense mechanisms that the person already uses in coping with stress but cannot be successful, and to change the schemas that cause anxiety, anxiety and anxiety, that is, the thought patterns.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Method

Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a type of psychotherapy. It is a short-term therapy and treatment method compared to psychotherapy. As a common point with the psychotherapy method, the name of the individual who comes to both is the “client”. Another common point of the cognitive behavioral method with the psychotherapy method is that; The person who applies this therapy method is also a “psychologist”. As in the psychotherapy method, the process proceeds in the form of sessions in the cognitive behavioral method and the psychologist and the client manage this process together. Each session takes approximately one hour. This method is essentially one of the evidence-based treatments. It is a method that aims to make the individual aware of the underlying beliefs and thought patterns, that is, thoughts, which have become the main complaint of the individual. It is goal oriented. By enabling the person to develop new behaviors, it enables him to prepare himself for situations that may be a source of anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy method; It helps to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. After 5-6 sessions, clients can now control their anxiety. It is a method that aims to help clients gain the ability to manage their emotions. At the same time, it pays attention to the fact that these management skills are applicable by the clients. It is a method that takes place by changing negative and irrational (unreal) thought patterns and replacing them with new thought patterns. It also appears as a helpful method in areas such as the prevention or prevention of panic attacks. As a result This type of psychotherapy guides you in how to turn negative thoughts and behaviors that cause you panic into a positive one. It is an effective treatment method where you will learn how to approach and manage situations that cause fear and anxiety without worry.


The person who applies this treatment method is a doctor and their name is “psychiatrist” because their specialty is psychiatry. Your psychiatrist may use various antidepressants (antidepressants), anxiolytic drugs, and sedatives to relieve anxiety symptoms. The effect of these drugs given by your psychiatrist will only come out in a week or two, and it should not be expected before. The main goal of drug use is short-term relief with the relief of anxiety symptoms, it is not aimed to be used in a long-term way. The intensity of the patient’s anxiety helps determine the dose of the drug. Of course, these drugs should definitely be given by your psychiatrist, and if you want to stop your medication, you should definitely consult your psychiatrist and try to stop it under his control. It would be a good idea to meet with your psychiatrist to decide which drug will work best and to discuss the pros and cons. The same anxiety treatment is not applied to every patient. What is good for one patient may not be good for another.

Other Treatment Methods

In addition to these; long-term confrontation therapy (also known as exposure) is a very effective method, especially in post-traumatic stress disorder and phobias. Again, the treatment based on the control of eye movements, called EMDR, is actually similar to the confrontation, that is, exposure treatment. Both of these methods aim to help clients deal with their traumatic memories with a new eye, and to help reduce the pressure of these memories on individuals’ emotional states. It can be said that these two methods take a long time considering the difference from client to client.

Helping clients manage stress is another treatment method. In this sense, measures can be taken for the client by methods such as relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, behavioral changes or socialization. Here, breathing exercise is a very effective method.

Treatment Time

It is worth noting that. Whichever method you use, the treatment process and duration will definitely vary depending on the severity of anxiety. But don’t delay or delay support. The longer you delay your treatment, the deeper your anxiety goes, and this definitely affects both the duration of treatment and your physical health as well as mental health.

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