How does the process of psychological counseling with children begin and how does it continue?

If you want to get information about the psychological counseling process for your child, you should first continue reading by following the headings according to the age group.

Psychological Counseling in Preschool Children

If your child has not yet started primary school, I definitely find it useful to proceed by taking only the parents to the first meeting. It is very important for the continuation of the process that the child does not attend this meeting. I don’t prefer him to be alone in the waiting room while I’m talking to the family, seeing that I’m talking to the family and watching these processes because he is young, because if we decide to move forward with your child individually in the future, he may resist in the relationship he will establish with me.

The progress of the process will differ according to the information I will receive from the family after a detailed discussion with the parents in the first session. As well as working with the child, child-focused family counseling can also continue in the form of interviews.

In the preschool period, families are more; bedwetting behavior problems, sleep problems, sibling jealousy, developmental delay, speech disorder, distractibility, tantrums, introversion, problems experienced in kindergarten, toilet training, technology addiction, experiences related to death, concerns about sexual games or behaviors, child’s She makes an appointment because she is very anxious, fears, phobias or obsessive behaviors.

In this period, regardless of the subject, it is useful to apply the Development Test to make a comprehensive assessment.

Psychological Counseling for Children in School Period

If I want to get psychological counseling support for their children who have started school, I definitely meet with the parents and the child in the first session. Depending on the content in the first session, it is decided how the psychological evaluation process will continue. Here, what the problem is, the expectations of the family, the rhythm of the child are the determining factors.

In the psychological evaluation process, an evaluation test is often needed for the child. After all these stages, how often and how to proceed is determined.

In primary school period, families are more; academic problems, behavioral problems, school adjustment problems, bedwetting, anxiety, self-confidence, obsessive behaviors, attention deficit and hyperactivity, peer bullying, technology addiction, concerns about how to give sex education, introversion, social phobia, family communication problems, private He makes appointments about learning difficulties, discovering interests and talents, lying, taking an intelligence test.

If you want to get psychological counseling support for your child, one of the most important issues to remember is; The different stages of the psychological evaluation process and the treatment processit is.

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