How Does the Couples Therapy Process Begin and Continue?

All married or unmarried couples can start the therapy process. They attend the first session as a couple and the evaluation process begins. In some sessions, individual interviews can also be done. He will explain in the meeting with the therapist how and in what way these conversations will progress. In some cases, the therapist may also recommend starting the therapy process individually. He or she may also refer you to another therapist for this. Of course, he will talk to you again about why and how.

Therapist; It can work eclectically or depending on a different school such as emotion-focused couple therapy, Gottman couple therapy, systematic family therapy, dynamic family therapy.

Can apply testing and inventory in the evaluation process.

Couples mostly request an appointment with topics such as jealousy, infidelity, sexual problems, communication problems, kinship relations, trust and attachment problems, endless arguments, one last try before divorce, getting support for children after divorce.

Will my relationship be saved by therapy?

When couples come to me for counseling, their basic expectation is that all problems will disappear and they will leave me with a problem-free relationship. Most of the time, they ask me questions such as when will these conflicts end and will our fights end as soon as possible?

When you start walking down a road with someone, lover, spouse, partner – whatever the name – the ground is always slippery. The purpose of our counseling process with couples; is to move on despite conflicts and problems, not to end conflicts, but to support couples in learning to manage conflicts.

The points where the partners fight and disagree are the result of the cycles of both individually and as a couple. If this cycle is eliminated and a new form of communication and structure is built, couples will clash again and have disagreements when appropriate. But he will no longer have his old feelings and bleeding wounds.

Of course, relationships do not continue after every counseling process. Sometimes there are relationships that end in separation, desired by both parties or only one side. Relationships don’t have to last forever. However, how it is felt and the meanings attributed in the relationships that are terminated and continued become the reality of the person and continue his life in this direction.

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