How Does the Counseling Process Begin and Continue in Adolescence?

If you want to get information about the psychological counseling process for your child in adolescence, the main issue you should pay attention to is your child’s consent.

If your child does not make a request for psychological support and rejects your suggestions, it would be more appropriate not to insist on this issue.

In this way, both your communication will be intact and you will not sabotage the possibility of your child’s change of mind in the future.

If your child absolutely does not consent to this process, you, as a parent, can get parent counseling about what you can do about the problem.

If your child requests psychological support and looks at your suggestions positively, the most important issue at the beginning of the process is to come to the first interview as parents and children. Yes, the children part is very important. After seeing the whole family system, focusing on the problem provides a much faster and healthier progress. Although this is not always possible due to some conditions, most of the time I want this information to be communicated on the phone while making an appointment, and even if it is not the first session, I would find it useful to have an interview like this once in the progressing processes.

For adolescents, academic problems, dating problems, behavioral problems, alcohol, substance and technology addiction, smoking, parental support about how to talk about sexual issues, attention deficit and hyperactivity, family communication problems, anxiety, obsession. Appointments are requested about social phobia, self-confidence, problems with school, anger, depression, career counseling, eating disorders and similar issues.

If you want to receive psychological counseling support for your adolescent child, one of the most important issues you should not forget; The different stages of the psychological evaluation process and the treatment processit is.

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