How does sport affect human psychology?

Sport has the feature of improving mental health with its biological and psychological effects on the brain.

Depression is almost never seen in people who do sports regularly. In mild and moderate depressions, the therapeutic aspect of sports can be used if the person wishes. Now, if we do not move our body physically, after a while, stress, anxiety, etc., negative thoughts will occur in our brain.

Sports have physiological as well as mental effects on our body. When we look at motivation and physical energy, we see that there is a positive correlation between them, that is, sports have a significant effect on human psychology. Exercising actually acts as an antidepressant. In addition, it does not have negative side effects such as antidepressants that are taken as drugs. There is no stress-free life, that is, it is against human nature, even stress has benefits, but too much of it causes mental problems. Doing sports affects the stress-producing hormone cortisol in the body and reduces its release.

In addition, in a study conducted in the USA, it was concluded that the risk of Alzheimer’s (dementia) decreased by 38%, while helping the elderly people to improve their short-term memory in people who do sports for half an hour a day. It helps us to increase our quality, helps protect from stress, helps alleviate depression (I use this aspect of sports in addition to the therapies of depressed people), increases our muscle development, helps us meet and socialize with new people, which is very important for a person with depression. With exercise, there is an increase in the secretion of endorphins and happiness hormones such as melatonin and dopamine.

Sport also provides interaction and communication between people and develops cooperation. Sports increase one’s self-care, self-worth and self-esteem.

Sports help reduce stress and improve mood. Some experiments have been done, helping to reduce the symptoms of physical activity due to depression. In short, doing sports is very good for people both mentally and physically. Treat yourself very well, see you in my next article.

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