How does it feel to be cheated on?

Being cheated on is a very painful feeling, just like losing a loved one. If feelings are deep in a relationship, I mean not only love, excitement, but also hate, grudge, etc. If they are too much, it will be difficult to end this relationship because it is a communication language in a fight, for example, your mother, father, brother, friend, etc. Have you ever been angry? (You were angry or even argued) but later on, this will pass, if you continue with your life, but this feeling of being deceived is not an easy feeling to deal with because there are many thoughts behind it;

He found someone prettier than me!

Did he choose her over me?

She doesn’t love me!

He humiliated me!

How long has the relationship been going on?

Who knows what that woman/man thought about me, maybe she took pity on me and thought that I was pathetic and even made fun of me…

If you’re being cheated on, we probably have a long-term relationship because we don’t usually see cheating in short-term relationships.

The deeper the value that a person gives to the other party in a relationship, the deeper and more painful the pain the person feels when the relationship ends, because you make an investment in the other party, because when a financial and moral investment ends, people are almost destroyed and it is naturally difficult for them to recover.

I’ve been deceived, then I’ll turn around, I’ll go my own way, not everyone can say it easily because our logic and our heart don’t say the same thing, it’s as if they are an enemy duo, our feelings are not always logical and realistic, sometimes people try to get the emotion they want to see and feel. Do not forget that if you have been deceived, this is not the end of the world, neither your mother/father, your sister, your spouse are your owners, you are the owner of yourself.

If you cannot cope with these feelings, you should definitely get support from a specialist.

See you in my next post, my dear readers, be very good to yourself.

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