How Does Good Learning Happen in 6 Steps?

Do we only learn the information we want? Or is there something we learned unintentionally? For example, whether it is right or wrong, we can sometimes be like our own parents in our behavior towards our children. We may not approve of most of the knowledge we have acquired by modelling, but we can apply it without realizing it. While the learning process can be so easy sometimes, there can be a lot of information in our lives that we are obligated to do and cannot learn even though we want it so much. So how does the process called learning take place well?

  1. First of all, I will talk about our feelings in this article. It is very difficult to work and learn new information without curiosity, interest and love. For example, if a piece of information will lead you to the goal you desire, learning with enthusiasm ensures that that information is absorbed. Or if it will contribute to your life, first get a good motivation (this information is necessary for me); then you have to go to work to find out.

  2. At what time interval do you learn best? you should discover it. Some learn better in the early morning, while others learn better at night.

  3. After your studies, you should definitely get a good night’s sleep. In the sleep process, the information goes to the lower memory; that is, it is stored in long-term memory.

  4. During the learning phase, repetitions are very important. For a piece of information you learn for the first time, the brain is strained, you progress more slowly. But your second and third reps are both much faster; and it will be much more effective (completely learning-oriented). Real learning takes place by repetition of information.

  5. Water and oxygen are essential for the brain to function well. They are also among the best sources of motivation. It should not be forgotten that our brain, which consists of a jelly structure, works hard and loses fluid when it encounters new information. To help it work better, drink plenty of water and consume fluids.

  6. A happy brain is ready for motivation. Not what you can’t do; relax yourself by looking at what you can do and start working; You will realize that you can learn better!

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