How does depression heal?



I feel very unhappy. I am helpless. I have no hope for the future. Life is no longer as beautiful as it used to be. Sleep has become forbidden. I can’t taste what I eat and drink. I can’t concentrate, I can’t focus on my work and strength.

If you have been seeing and feeling the above symptoms for a long time, you may be “depressed”.
In addition to the above symptoms, the depressed person makes negative feelings, thoughts and evaluations about himself and his environment. On the basis of these feelings and thoughts are our expectations in life, relationship problems, internal troubles, disappointments, sorrows and pains. Our inner world has a capacity for experiences, and when this capacity is exceeded, we can consider depression as “the body and mind alarming”.
Depression can vary according to age, gender, youth, adult and old age. According to the degree of severity, it is named as mild, moderate and severe. It is the most important thing to analyze the problems that the person has experienced and to make a special study for his own life.

Medication and psychotherapy support in the treatment of depression is the study that gives the fastest results. In addition to the medication, psychotherapy studies carried out with the client provide the opportunity to eliminate the problems of reluctance, depression, loss of appetite, hopelessness and worthlessness.

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