How Do You Recognize a Narcissist?

Narcissistic is one of several personality disorders. It’s a mental state when people overestimate their own importance, have a deep need for extreme attention and admiration, lack empathy, and have troubled social relationships.

But under the mask of overconfidence lies a fragile self-confidence that reacts violently to even the slightest criticism. narcissistic personality disorder; It causes problems in many areas of life such as relationships, work life and school life.

People with this disorder feel unhappy and disappointed if they do not receive the praise and favors they think they should receive. Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder generally focuses on talk therapy (psychotherapy).

Symptoms vary from person to person

The symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of these symptoms vary from person to person. In general, those with this disorder have behaviors such as an exaggerated sense of self-importance, expecting special kindness and unquestioning compliance with their expectations, being considered superior, and believing that they can only communicate with special people like themselves.

What is the most common symptom?

One of the most common symptoms is difficulty handling anything that is perceived critically. In addition to obvious symptoms such as acting impatiently and angry when a special behavior is not performed, and contempt for others to show themselves better, hidden feelings such as insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation may also occur with narcissistic personality disorder.

What awaits you in the recovery process?

The healing process of this ailment can be achieved with psychotherapy. Understanding the causes of problems and communicating more positively with others are among the goals of recovery. This results in more constructive relationships with a change in behavior.

With psychotherapy, it is possible for the patient to develop self-esteem and create more realistic expectations for both himself and others. Cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy or group therapy are among the methods of psychotherapy.

Cognitive behavior therapy helps a person identify negative beliefs and behaviors and replace them with healthier and more positive behaviors. Medication, on the other hand, can help with some of the more troubling aspects of the condition.

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