How do you develop your child’s vocabulary?

Developing children’s language development teaches them new words and their use.
We do a lot of things to teach. Songs, nursery rhymes, games with songs
are a few. But mostly the child cannot use the words he does not know in daily life.
because he does not know their meanings and places of use. Taught words in daily life
learned and not forgotten more easily if it is reinforced with experiences and used in relation
It is possible.
Simple when playing or doing something with your child
You can help him develop language by speaking in sentences. For example; the House
I’m going to clean it up or get the crayons to make this picture, I’ll take the pencils
I will bring him and you have made him a partner in your work with sentences such as bring the eraser.
you will be. This allows him to see himself as useful and valuable and to use new words.
will improve its use. While doing this, you will ask your child and explain it in detail.
The questions that will lead him to answer will also affect his language development positively.
Why did you paint it that color, what did you draw here, where is this car going, in the picture
Questions such as what is the child doing lead him to both thinking and living his imagination.
It helps to keep it and increase the use of words.
Everyone likes to be praised for what they do. especially children
They love to be praised by adults. Do your child’s work
Encouraging him to both improve his social aspect and increase his self-confidence and
You encourage him to do better. For example, how much
can you show me how you made a nice picture or in the game you play
When you win, you play this game very well, you beat me and you win.
By saying it, you encourage him. Different words and phrases in each of your posts
Using phrases will help him learn where and how to use words.
It helps.

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