How Do You Choose Our Toothpaste?

There are dozens of different toothpastes available in the market. We are often confused when we have to make a choice. Some pastes are good for tooth sensitivity, some help prevent tooth decay. How do we choose in this situation?

Until recently, toothpastes were considered only as a brushing facilitator. However, today, serious progress has been made in the content of toothpastes.

As it has been known for a long time, toothpastes containing fluoride are a great help in the prevention of dental caries. However, some studies in recent years claim that excess fluoride has many side effects against general health. It is certain that fluoride is a great help in preventing dental caries, but your dentist decides in what conditions and for how long it should be used.

Toothpastes containing whitening can be recommended to people who consume a lot of coffee, tea and cigarettes. However, pastes containing whitening can also remove some tooth enamel. abrasionthey carry risk.

Pastes have been developed for the treatment of gum problems in recent years. in ‘chlorhexidine’ Pastes containing pastes are recommended to patients due to their therapeutic properties. However, chlorhexidine has side effects such as staining teeth. For these reasons, they are suitable for short-term use in case of need.  

Apart from these, there are toothpastes specially developed for sensitivity. However, these pastes, which relieve sensitivity in a short time, do not have therapeutic properties. That is, they reduce sensitivity as long as they are used.In order for the sensitivity to disappear completely, a dentist should be consulted and the true cause of the sensitivity should be treated.

Dentists give you the most accurate information about whether the problems are caused by teeth or teeth or develop due to different factors.

Think about the dishes you wash by hand; Is it more effective to soak a dirty plate in the strongest detergent for hours? Or just rubbing it with your hand for a short while? Oral care is just that, brushing your teeth correctly and effectively is much more important than choosing the most suitable toothpaste for yourself. It should not be forgotten that; No toothpaste will work unless effective brushing is done.

I wish you healthy days.

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