How Do We Protect Our Teeth From The Negative Effects Of Acidic Foods?

Especially in the summer months, more frequently consumed acidic drinks and foods containing natural acid such as lemon damage the hard tissues of females. The outer surface of the teeth is covered with a protective layer called enamel. This layer is adversely affected by the acids in the food content. The enamel layer softens as a result of interaction with the acid. After consuming acidic foods (beverage, lemon soda, etc.) one should wait about thirty minutes (half an hour) and then brush the teeth. Because brushing the tooth surface, which has softened as a result of acid, causes erosion of the protective enamel layer.

Wear on the enamel layer primarily causes sensitivity. This sensitivity causes discomfort, especially during the consumption of hot and cold foods. Another negative effect of wear is that the teeth become prone to caries formation.

Enamel abrasions can be treated with fluoride applications, which are used in various ways by dentists in the early periods. However, if the abrasions on the enamel surface have deepened, the treatment option is to cover the worn area with a filler.

The erosion of the enamel layer covering the outer surface of the teeth, that is, the loss of material in the protective layer, causes the lower layer to be exposed. This layer, called dentin, is resistant to caries formation. Therefore, care should be taken to protect the enamel layer.

As a result, about half an hour should be waited for brushing the teeth after consuming acidic food. Drinking plenty of water or rinsing the mouth with water during the waiting period helps to remove the acid effect from the tooth surface.

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