How Do We Know If Someone Is Suicidal?

We interact with many people every day. Throughout our lives, we talk to and meet countless people. Unfortunately, a part of the people we communicate with, unfortunately, kill themselves every year.

Suicide, one of the highest causes of death among young people, ranks 15th. An average of 800,000 people commit suicide every year around the world. This number means that one person commits suicide every minute.

You may not have encountered an incident related to suicide in your environment, perhaps someone you know committed suicide, or you have attempted suicide yourself. The people around us may show some symptoms of the act of suicide that we do not think about until we hear it or witness it. However, it is not necessary that every person who commits suicide exhibits these symptoms or that those who show these symptoms will commit suicide. A symptom you notice may not necessarily mean that the person is suicidal. In fact, the purpose of this article is to help you understand these symptoms and decide whether to seek professional help for yourself or someone around you.

In general, these points come to the fore in the behaviors or thoughts of suicidal people:

  1. talk about suicide

A friend who is considering suicide may ask you about your thoughts about suicide or how to commit suicide. The person in front of you may be collecting information about whether it is acceptable to commit suicide with this behavior. These questions can also mean a call for help.

  1. Making or amending a will

People may need to write a will at some point in their lives. You can write a will when you get married, have children, or lose a loved one. When a person writes a will at a time that you cannot understand, you can ask why.

  1. Sleep related disorders

Having trouble sleeping does not directly mean that a person has suicidal thoughts. However, short or long-term problems in a person’s life can cause many sleep-related problems.

  1. low energy level

If someone is unusually low in energy, it may indicate that they have a depressive disorder. Considering that the suicide rate is higher in people with depressive symptoms, you can contact your friends who you think have low energy more often.

  1. Abuse

When people feel lonely, they tend to abuse alcohol and drugs. When people who are suicidal use substance abuse, they get away from their problems for the moment. If there is suicidal ideation, using substances makes it easier to act.

  1. Social distancing

If there is someone around you who has suddenly withdrawn from social life in a way that you cannot understand, that person may think that he is not good enough for other people. He may also not want to participate in an activity he normally enjoys.

  1. Do not hurt yourself

Self-harm is one of the most common symptoms in suicidal people. It can occur especially in the form of cutting, burning or poisoning oneself. The suicidal person has started small-scale tests in a way. Also, people who self-harm generally try to escape their emotional problems with physical pain.

  1. risky behaviors

Studies show that suicidal people engage in more risky behaviors or environments. They might do something they wouldn’t normally do, or go somewhere they wouldn’t go.

  1. previous suicide attempts

Again, studies indicate that a person who commits suicide and survives may attempt suicide multiple times. While attempts to commit suicide can cause serious harm, in some cases, it’s a call for help as if to say “help me”. This situation is also called ‘suicidal tendency’.

  1. be happy and calm

Many people may not associate being happy and calm with committing suicide. However, a person who is suicidal may find it difficult to find the energy to get out of bed for a long time, and may suddenly be seen as very happy and calm by those around him. This may be due to the fact that the suicidal person has completed their suicide plan and has determined how to get away from their experiences emotionally. Many people report that the person who committed suicide was happy in their last days.

These symptoms do not necessarily mean that a person will commit suicide. However, being aware of these symptoms and communicating with people around you may one day save a person’s life.

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