How Do Shy People Flirt?

For shy people, dating is among the hardest things in the world. Introverts revealing their feelings to the person they like is like throwing themselves off a cliff for them.

It is also comforting to ask questions to the other person. In this way, while giving the other person a feeling about him, answering so few questions is considered a good escape route for shy people on first dates.


One of the biggest advantages of today is technology and social media. It is easier to communicate with someone through these channels than face-to-face. This is also a very good way to not answer the question immediately and to spend time on it.

However, immediately replying to the messages from the other party can remove the attraction, and waiting for more than 24 hours to reply creates the image of indifference.

Liking social media posts or writing comments with small compliments makes it even easier to communicate with the person you like when face-to-face. Also, showing how fun you are is considered one of the ways to get them to spend more time with you.


Interacting with the other person in a meeting is the determinant of everything. The first thing to do is to make eye contact. Making eye contact is the most obvious way to clear up confusion. However, overdoing it makes the other side uncomfortable.

According to research, a romantic eye contact should not be longer than three seconds. However, smiling is also considered another way of attracting attention. A sincere and warm smile helps the other party to relax.

In this way, a comfortable environment is provided when you are with the other party. The biggest problem in dating shy people is that they can’t create an environment where they can feel comfortable. When this situation is overcome, the obstacles in front of flirting are removed.

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