How Do Men Get Andropause?

Andropause literally comes from Latin and can be translated as “The End of Masculinity”. In clinical terms, testosterone is the name given to the set of symptoms seen as a result of decreasing with age.

To define andropause, knowing what the testosterone hormone does in our body is a good way to understand the situation. What are the functions of testosterone?

  • provide sex drive

  • keeping bone mass healthy

  • regulate fat distribution

  • increase muscle size and strength

  • provide red blood cell production

When looking at these tasks, it is very easy to understand at what age ranges this hormone is at its highest level in the body. Testosterone is at its highest at the ages of 18-40, when men are at their peak physically when they are most assertive about reproduction. As we age, its production decreases and symptoms begin to appear gradually.

What problems occur when testosterone starts to decrease?

  • decrease in muscle mass

  • increase in fat

  • decrease in sexual desire

  • decreased erectile capacity

  • decrease in bone density

  • decrease in cognitive functions

Andropause is a natural inevitable condition. In other words, after the age of 40, the testosterone level starts to decrease naturally. The rate and level of decrease is subjective. It is directly related to the person’s genetic characteristics, lifestyle and nutrition. It is possible to delay andropause, but not completely stop it.

If we roughly describe the male in andropause . Imagine a man over 50 with a belly , having difficulties in physical activities , a bit grumpy , depressed , with low self – esteem . Many such men have come before your eyes. These men do not experience the effects of testosterone reduction at the same time, but different findings may occur at different times. The first finding is the loss of fat and muscle mass, which is often disputed as cause or effect. In other words, is the entry into andropause accelerated because the muscle mass increases and the fat ratio increases, or does it occur because of entering andropause, this is similar to the egg-chicken relationship. With the exercise and nutrition we know on this subject, we can increase muscle mass and delay andropause by keeping the fat ratio low. The lifestyle that accelerates andropause in modern times causes men to meet andropause at an earlier age. Xenoestrogens, which are abundant in cosmetics and animal foods, are one of the biggest causes in our age. The sedentary lifestyle in modern times is another important factor.

How is andropause managed?

The primary cause of andropause is usually sexual dysfunction. Patients apply to a physician because of sexual reluctance and erectile dysfunction. Total and free testosterone levels should be measured in every patient who applied with this complaint. TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) is performed in patients with low testosterone levels. Before TRT is performed and throughout the treatment, patients are regularly evaluated for complete blood count, PSA, and liver function tests. Testosterone replacement therapy can be done with oral medications, gel-form drugs applied to the skin, and intramuscular injections. Which method will be applied should be determined by the physician who decides on the treatment. Possible side effects of testosterone replacement therapy;

  • cardiovascular side effects

  • side effects related to coagulation mechanisms

  • reproductive health side effects

  • side effects related to prostate cancer

In the aging man, testosterone deficiency creates many negative effects, especially sexual dysfunction. Appropriate testosterone replacement therapy, after evaluation by a specialist, produces rapid improvement in many symptoms. Unconsciously used testosterone can cause serious health problems.

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