How do I stay motivated?

What is motivation?

Motivation is the power within us to take action, to make something happen. The word “motivation” can be translated into Turkish as motive, so it would not be wrong to say that it is actually the enthusiasm or strength within us.

When and where do we need motivation?

We may need motivation in almost every part of our daily lives, and sometimes even living requires motivation. What is important here is the goals we set and their level of realism. When we are hungry, we eat with the motivation to eat, that is, hunger is a source of motivation for us and the nearest meal can be seen as our goal. What we do to reach food is what the motivation of hunger makes us do. And the fact that we accept that there are certain stages to reach the food, show a little more patience with our hunger, and feel more enthusiasm and desire for the next step at each stage we complete actually points to increased motivation.

To give an example in another field; For example, you are trying to lose weight, but you cannot succeed. You cannot reach the goal you set. Let’s examine this situation together.

First of all, how realistic is the goal you set for yourself? I want you to honestly answer this question for yourself. Do you really need to lose 20 pounds, or can you really live on only a fraction of the calories you need for 4 months? This is where motivation comes into play. Namely; Fasting for 4-5 months is not easy and does not benefit you in the long run, and you probably know that you can’t. That fasting diet you started on Monday will probably end by Thursday afternoon. You want to lose 20 kilos when you have 10 kilos to lose and your body can’t take more. Why? Because extrinsic motivations are very effective, your spouse, lover, friends may say how weak you are, because it is very nice to be very thin. So is it really like that for you too? Do you really want to be that skinny too? Is your size really suitable for you to lose that much weight?

Think about the answers to the above questions, while I’ll leave you with a few tips that will help you not only to lose weight, but also to be motivated in every way, and to help you recover more easily when you fall and fail.

Set realistic goals, get to know yourself.

If you really need to lose 10 pounds and too much is bad for your body, don’t go for too much.

Plan your goals short-term and break them down into steps. “Divide and conquer”

Your first goal should never be exactly 10 kilos, if your primary goal is to lose 2 kilos in the first week and 2 kilos the next week, you will be motivated more quickly, and you will be more confident in what you are doing as you see that you can do it.

Make sure what you want is what you really want.

Don’t forget to give yourself small rewards when your goals that you set step by step are achieved.

Always start easy and work your way up to hard.

You can continue the process for a longer period of time by starting your adventure with easy nutrition tips that will suit you and will not tire you, rather than diets like a death fast.

In short, if you want to achieve or realize anything, you should be aware that you are doing it for yourself first, and after you determine ways to make it easier for yourself, then applying them with methods suitable for you will be a source of motivation for you. Remember that no victory could have been achieved if that small first step had not been taken. Phase your goals and always try to start with that small first step. In this way, you can become a more willing, motivated and goal-achieving person.

Psychologist Elif AKSAR

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