How do I protect my child from abuse?

I’m so sorry… Terrible things are happening. There are many things we cannot interfere with, but there are also those we can intervene. And we are all responsible for it. How aware are we of privacy when it comes to children? Could we be violating their privacy while showing innocent love to them? Yes we can. And yet, the more conscious we become, the more parents we reach, the more we do not wither our flowers.

*Teach your children parts of the body from the age of two. Explain that some of these areas are private areas and that no one other than parents can touch these areas, and that parents touch them to meet their needs. (Let’s point out that doctors and other health personnel can touch when parents are with them) You can get help from a puppet or a doll while doing this.

*Privacy is not just about protecting the body. It is also a part of privacy not to enter the child’s private areas, not to jump into their games, not to share their photos on social media inappropriately.

* We should teach the child to say “NO” and as parents, we should learn not to insist, not to force if he says no to us. We should explain that if she is confronted with anyone trying to make her do something she doesn’t want, she should say no, and if she insists she should say no louder. You can even do a little exercise of it to make it more fun. (Let’s say no as loud as we can now)

*Privacy education starts from infancy. No one other than the caregivers should change the diaper of the child, and this should not be done in public. Likewise, where and by whom the child’s diaper is changed is of great importance.

* In cases where we are standing in public transport, we should not give the message that it is normal to sit on strangers’ laps by giving directions such as “go to your aunt/uncle’s lap”.

* If there are people in the social circle, relatives and friends groups that the child does not like the attention of the child, we should refrain from forcing such as “kiss the uncle, go to the aunt”.

* We should not use expressions such as “If you kiss me, I will buy you the toy you want”, which gives the message that if the child is given an award as a result, he will allow it.

*There are many ways to show love to children, but kissing on the lips is not one of them. We should avoid kissing them on the lips and underline that the lips are also a private area.

* We should inform the child about the touches that make the child feel good and feel bad.

* We should teach him not to accept gifts such as candy or toys from anyone without your permission.

* We should control the process and content of children on the screen and take precautions against the dangers of social media.

*One of the most common mistakes made while giving toilet training is to use the teaching method by showing. Never make this mistake, don’t let him see you while you are using your toilet, if you have to show it by showing, you can show how to sit and stand on the toilet with your clothes.

* Finally, let me leave here a few children’s books on privacy that I often recommend to my clients. You can read it to your children if you wish.

My body belongs to me (Rhino publications)

I don’t go with everyone (Rhino broadcasts)

Red line ( Virtue child)

Would you keep it a secret (Redhouse Kidz Publications)

I love me and my body (Lifecycle publications)

Wishing for a peaceful and safe world where children can live their childhood…

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